God Wants to Work Through You 2

God Wants to Work Through You

Many, if not most of us, who do ministry are working for God, when God wants to work for us. He doesn’t want us to work so hard that we drop dead for Him. The work of the ministry is vital, even critical, and it is time sensitive.  We certainly need to take ministry serious. However, God still wants us to find time to rest and be with family and friends, enjoying the good things freely bestowed on us.

I SAW A GRAVESTONE ONCE WITH A MAN’S NAME AND epitaph: “His life only consisted of work.” I mused, “That is an epitaph for a mule and not a man.” God didn’t intend for us to be beasts of burden or to labor like robots. He could create pack horses in abundance, if that’s what He wanted. But when the Lord thought of you and me, He had something in mind other than slaves—sons.
Reinhard Bonnke

How does God work for us? By giving His Holy Spirit to us to give us strength to do the ministry. We need to remember to draw from His strength not ours. If He is not giving us strength, it may just be that He is saying, “It is time to rest.”

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2 thoughts on “God Wants to Work Through You

  • Isaiah

    God wants us to do work for him. Enough that’ll make him happy, so that we may enjoy time with our friends and family knowing that God is the center of us keeping us together.

    • Richard D. Dover Post author

      Yes, as we honor God and work for Him, it does bring favor in all areas of our life. We just need to make sure it is Him working in us and us not doing the work in our own strength.