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cnn hypocrisy

New Media Hypocrisy?

This article is based upon the news coverage of the Christ Church, New Zealand mosque shootings. I should first say this was a tragic, horrific, unjustified incident. Thus anything I say is not to lessen these tragedies. it is good that CNN and all the news outlets covered this tragedy. However, the overall news coverage of these incidents appears to be very hypocritical, biased, and political in nature. Let me explain.

Christians Killed, Churches Destroyed
There have been thousands of Christians killed for their faith by Muslims and others around the world. In 2017 alone there was 84,000 Christians murdered. In China, India, Sudan, Nigeria and many other places many churches have been destroyed. There has been a genocide of Christians in Nigeria the last few years. One of the highest rape statistics is women being raped in Congolese refugee camps.

Where is the hypocrisy? Where is the bias? Where is the political agenda? There has been almost total silence in regards to the stories behind these horrific statistics. Why has not CNN made this headline news? Why is it they do not point out that much of this done by Muslims?

CNN keeps emphasizing there is an increase in White Supremacist activity. BUT fail to report that the attacks of Christians throughout the world is on the increase. 2019 is predicted to be the highest increase. Where is the coverage on this statistic?

Why Not the Headlines Regarding Christians and Christian Churches?
A. Because it is Christians being killed? Does not fit the liberal agenda?

B. Because it happens so much who cares anymore, it is not news. (But seems to never have been on the news.) Does not fit the liberal agenda.

C. Because Muslims many times are the killers and it does not fit the liberal agenda.

D. Can’t blame White people. Does not fit the liberal agenda.

E. Can’t blame Trump. Does not fit the liberal agenda.

F. To be fair, it may just be it is so rare that a white supremacist individual does something like the Christchurch massacre that it is newsworthy. But if no hidden or blatant agenda, why the ongoing efforts to try an associate Trump to the act. Trump had absolutely nothing to with the attacks. Nothing!!!!But his name comes up on CNN over and over again insinuating Trump is a partial cause.

The news media is more concerned of trying to find a way to blame Trump for anything and everything rather than actually report news.

The news media, especially, CNN does not care about addressing violence, evil, terrorism, etc unless it fits their political agenda. That is not news, that is propaganda. It is hypocrisy to act concerned about evil while winking at the horrific evil done to Christians and Christian churches throughout the world.

It is time to get real. Unless evil is done by a white male who leans towards conservatism, CNN is not that interested. Look how they handled the the white Christian young man with the MAGA hat. He must be guilty of something evil because he is white, christian, appears to support Trump. There is a saying, ‘don’t believe everything you hear in the news’. It certainly is true today.

Take Note:  Not every Muslim is an Islamic terrorists. Not every White person is a White Supremacist. Not every Trump supporter is a bigot.

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