How Does God Do Miracles?

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How Does God Do Miracles?

I have been thinking about Autumn, a church member who is dealing with much pain because of a 5mm kidney stone. Many of us have been praying for her to experience a miracle-the kidney stone to dissolve, so she does not have surgery and have the pain of trying to pass a large kidney stone. What I was thinking is ‘how is God going to take care of the kidney stone?’ He is sovereign so He can do it any way He wants, but that is not what I was thinking. I was thinking literally HOW?

When God does physical healing, creative miracles, how does He do it. The kidney stone needs to be gone. Now God can use doctors, have surgery performed and remove the stone. That certainly is an option for Autumn, but we are praying she does not need surgery. So again, how does God do healing, creative miracles?

Does He just say, “Kidney stone dissolve into small pebbles, or dissolve into sand”? Does He say, “Be Gone!!!!”? Does He tell the bodies immune system or other bodily functions to dissolve the stone? Does He make the medicines be more effective? Does He have angels remove the stone? Who Knows? Only Him.

It is absolutely immaterial how God removes the kidney stone, as long as it is gone so that Autumn can have relief. Thankfully when we pray for healing miracles we do not have to have it all figured out. We don’t have to even understand the realm of miracles. All we need is to have faith and the truth is even if we are praying and don’t have faith, if the person we are praying for has faith, God can do the miraculous.

So how does God do miracles? By us praying. That is all that matters. Oh, and the fact that GOD STILL DOES MIRACLES!

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