It’s Happening-Healings

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It’s Happening-Healings
Chapter 10 , A Worthy Host

This audio is an excerpt from Chapter 10-A Worthy Host,  of the book “It’s Happening” by Pastor William McDowell. Pastor McDowell is speaking on some of the confirmed healings that have taken place at his church. Take note that every single healing he speaks of has been medically confirmed. He refuses to call any type of healing a miracle unless it can be confirmed medically. Sadly many who claim of healings have no substantiated proof that the healing were legitimate. All this does is bring doubt to those who hear the testimonies. Pastor McDowell one who desires to lift Jesus up, not miracles.

Audio Excerpt from Chapter 10, A Worthy Host

Some will still question if the healings/miracles are true, even with the evidence. Their God has ‘died’ a long time ago. Their God does not exist. Others who claim the name of Jesus believe that miracles have been done away with since the time of the Apostles. Now some will believe God can heal of a sickness but that God cannot perform miracles in the sense of restoring sight, making a limp limb strong, instantaneously remove an obvious tumor, etc. So they have a God that is limited in what He can do.

What about you? Is your God dead, sleeping, not as compassionate and sympathetic for people today as He was in the Early Church? Does he have another agenda? Is He not the same as yesterday, today, and forever?

The truth is many churches and many Christians do not welcome the supernatural God of the Bible into the church or their lives. He is the God they have created. (It should be noted there is also those who go into the extreme in regards to the supernatural and they have also created their own God, not the God of the Bible.)

Each of us need to ask the question are we a worthy host for the Holy Spirit to manifest His glory? If we want to see revival in our lives, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, in our world we need to give God full freedom to move by His Holy Spirit in a powerful way. That does not mean chase after signs and wonders. it means to chase after God.

Our next topic on this subject is “A Worthy Host”, Pastor McDowell shares a powerful example of  how the Holy Spirit can be quenched and grieved with an, ‘unworthy host’.

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i encourage every reader to read “I’ts Happening”.it is a very balanced book on a revival that is taking place in a church in Florida. The audiobook is great!!!




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