Are You Flammable?

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Are You Flammable?

This post is for those who have been reading our daily articles on this topic. I have a question for you? Are you flammable? In other words are you a person that wants the fire of God to burn in you, flow through you, and ignite others? Do you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be used by God to perform signs and wonders? Do you want to be so transformed by God that others know He is in control of your life? ALL FOR HIS GLORY ? If so, you are flammable.

Not sure? Or you may ask “How do I get there?” This article will answer those questions.

Here is what you can know. If these articles do not stir up any kind of fire in you, do not stir up faith in you, do not create any hunger in you to know more about the Holy Spirit, or do not create a desire to have a closer relationship with God, you are probably fireproof, not flammable. Our next post will address the topic of being fireproof. Hopefully that is not you.

A flammable follower of Christ believes the Holy Spirit is a miraculous working entity of the Godhead that can do amazing things.

A flammable follower of Christ believes the Holy Spirit is just as active in doing miracles today as in the past.

A flammable follower of Christ believes the same Holy Spirit lives in them. Thus they believe they can be used by the miracle working Holy Spirit.

A flammable follower of Christ wants to see God glorified in their life.

A flammable follower of Christ will want to see others on fire for God.

How to get there?
a. Ask God to put a fire in you.
b. Say no to sin and yes to God. Repent from worldliness and from the traditions of men.
c. Spend more time reading the Bible.
d. Spend more time in prayer
e. Ask God to give you faith, it will come as you read the Bible and pray.
f. As you read these blog posts ask God to stir up faith in you.
g. Read books on the revivals of the past and of today to build faith.
h. Live a life based upon faith, not feelings.
I. Walk it out, be stretched, start being used by God.
j. Don’t compare yourself to others, look to God alone.

Bottom Line
We all fall short, we all have a long way to go, don’t get discouraged. Keep pressing on. If you have the fire of God in you, you may not be a mighty miracle working Christian, but you will certainly be a sold out follower of Christ that lives a victorious life over sin. It certainly is the evidence of the Holy Spirit working in your life. That certainly gives God glory.

It needs to be remembered that our main goal is to give God glory, not to do miracles.

Our next article in this series will be, Are You Fireproof?

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