America Has Cancer

america has cancer

America Has Cancer

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for America’s condition.

Christians-stop looking for political leaders, government leaders, MAN as the solution. They are all band aids to a cancerous disease.There is the need for band aids. There is a need to keep wounds from getting worse, but band aids do not cure disease, especially cancerous disease.

Too many Christians are looking at the symptoms and thinking it is a political party problem. Politics are the symptoms, not the disease. The root of the problem, the disease, is the heart, not politics. And it is the heart of more than Democrats. It is the overall spiritual condition of America.

Some Christians see the Democratic Party as a cancerous disease and the Republican Party is the chemotherapy treatment for the disease. Well, many times chemotherapy treatment may ultimately kill the disease,  but healthy cells (people) are harmed along the way. Much damage is done. Or the cancer is only put in remission because the disease is not the Democratic Party, it is the spiritual condition of Americans that is the problem and it affects Democrats AND Republicans.

Christians have the cure for the spiritual condition of America but too many American Christians think the cure is the Republican Party instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are trusting in chemotherapy instead of miraculous healing through the transformational power of the Gospel.

The solution to the spiritual condition of America is Repentance, Renewal, Reformation, and Revival. It will never happen if the Republican Party is seen as the cure.

Judgment is knocking at the door. It will visit the Church first. If the Church repents revival can come. If not, judgment will come to America and it will be destroyed.

The good news in all this is there will be a remnant of believers that will not bow their knee to MAN or Politics, but only to God Almighty.

So are you part of the disease, the chemotherapy, or the remnant? The remnant knows the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution to a spiritual problem, not a political party or man.

The healing of America starts with ME and YOU. WE must first be willing to go through the refiners fire so that we have any cancer removed from us first before we go around trying to remove cancer from others. it is time for REPENTANCE and calling out to God for a MOVE OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT!


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