Flammable or Fireproof Series

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Flammable or Fireproof Series

This series is going to be excerpts from the book Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable Or Fireproof? by Reinhard Bonnke. Evangelist Bonnke shares incites about the Holy Spirit that have been at the cornerstone of his ministry for over 50 years. This book has a refreshing and invigorating perspective of the Holy Spirit. If the reader of this book will embrace the concepts in this Flammable or Fireproof Series they will certainly be individuals that have a greater understanding of the working of the Holy Spirit and will have more of a fire for God. That fire will give way for God to do some amazing things as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each blog article will be a summation of a chapter from the book. Some of the topics covered will be:
The Spirit and the Son
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
The Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit and Christians
The Holy Spirit and the Church

This series is for those who desire to have the Holy Spirit moving in and through them so they can be more effective in the sharing of the Gospel and walking in the gifts and callings of God. However, if you believe the Holy Spirit of the past is not the Holy Spirit of the present, if you think the gifts of the Holy Spirit are done away with, if you think God no longer does miracles through His people, if you think Baptism of the Holy Spirit and being born again occurs simultaneously-Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a separate experience, then you most likely are fireproof. You need to ask yourself is what you believe from the Bible or the traditions of men.

Do you want to be Flammable or Fireproof? The choice is yours.

Balance-As much as this book speaks about the power of God, the miraculous, the move of God’s Spirit, it should be noted that the God of heaven is sovereign. He operates according to His will, not ours. He cannot be manipulated to do what we want. No matter how much faith we may have for Him to perform miracles, He operates according to His sovereign will. That means at times He does not heal, He does not protect us from accidents, He does not block persecution coming our way. So, let’s believe in the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, but trust that Father Knows Best.

Our next article in this series will be, God of Wonders-Unstoppable Power

Baptism of the Holy Spirit-A very balanced, in-depth study on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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