Abortion-Some Things to Think About


Abortion-Some Things to Think About

The are some things to think about when you think about abortion. Some people are very visual. If you are that type of person, my long words may not mean much to you. You may never take the time to read what I say. Hopefully these images will give you something to think about. Pictures can say much.

Most abortions could be prevented if people would change their sexual habits.
abortion sex








Too many times abortion is presented as the only option. Let’s change abortion to adoption.
adoption abortion




To say nothing and to do nothing is doing something.











Because abortion is legal does not make it moral.
abortion holocaust











Free people choosing the destiny of others.










Unborn Baby is not a person.
fetus not person






Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby
surgical abortion


















New York is just one of other States that supports abortion up to nine months.
abortion nine months






fetus death sentence












Hypocrisy of supporting gun control but support abortion.
abortion guns










Unborn animals more important than unborn babies.
bald eagle versus fetus











The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Answer, Born Again individuals who have Jesus as their LORD do not get abortions.
solution to abortion




If you do not know Jesus as your LORD and Savior maybe it is time that you learn what that means. Maybe it is time to learn about the love of Jesus Christ. Click here to learn more about Jesus, going to heaven, Christianity.

If you are considering an abortion, we appeal to you to reconsider. I understand there may be some very strong reasons why you are considering an abortion. Understandable reasons. But your decision has eternal consequences. Please give a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to listen to your story.

If you have had an abortion this must be very hard for you to read. You may have guilt, shame, condemnation, and believe God hates you. I want to assure you that is not the case. He instead wants to comfort you. Please me a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to encourage you.

I judge no one who has obtained an abortion. I had my own child aborted.

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