Why Speak Against Abortion?


Why Speak Against Abortion?

Some have asked why as a person are speaking out against abortion. Others have asked why as a pastor are you speaking out against abortion. For me the simplest answer is the most obvious answer-there is not one single baby in the womb that can speak out for itself. Not a single one can stop itself from being killed. Not a single one can resist the instruments or chemicals used to kill it. The unborn baby has no voice-none.  But I have many reasons to speak out against abortion. Here they are:

  • Unborn Babies Cannot Speak Out
  • Because it is Evil
  • Because to Say and Do Nothing is to Support Evil
  • Because it is America’s Holocaust
  • Because America will Be Judged by God if Abortion Continues
  • Because I Was Blinded and Had My Own Child Aborted
  • Because it is the Correct Thing to Do

Unborn Babies Cannot Speak Out
We have addressed this reason already but it cannot be overemphasized. People all the time fight against animal cruelty. Why? Because they animal cannot defend itself. But the truth is at least many animals can fight, attack, bite, flee-do something. Unborn babies can do nothing to protect themselves and they are the most vulnerable entities there on the earth.

boenhoffer-no-silenceBecause it is Evil
It is the taking of life. Not just life, but human life. There are all kinds of debates in regards to when the embryo becomes life or a human being. In today’s scientific world these are all illegitimate, insincere, baseless debates. It is clear that as soon as conception occurs there is life. It is also clear that unless something happens, once conception takes place there is an embryo and the embryo becomes a human being. The re may be debate on the viability of the unborn but even that debate is becoming a distraction from the obvious. We know that at 20 weeks that their is a 10% chance of living outside the womb. That increases to 85% chance of living outside the womb at 24 weeks. Scientists are looking for one speck of ‘life’ on Mars and we are debating when life begins?

When does a fetus become a human being? As soon as there is conception it is a human being. The embryo will not turn into anything else.

The taking of life another human being (even if unborn) other than to protect your life has always been unacceptable in a civilized society. The only exception is the death penalty, which implemented for heinous crimes, not for just being inconvenience for others. It is interesting how most who strongly oppose the death penalty at the same time support the killing of the most innocent.
Because to Do and Say Nothing is Evil
It is wicked and evil to kill the most innocent. It is wicked and evil to have the most innocent killed. It is wicked and evil to condone the killing of the most innocent. It also wicked and evil to sit by and do nothing when the most innocent are being killed. It is also and wicked and evil to not speak against the evil of killing the most innocent. Bonhoeffer was correct when he said ‘all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
abortion holocaustBecause it is America’s Holocaust
Unless a person is more evil than Hitler himself, not a single person will deny there was a holocaust, or the evil of the holocaust. The same is true about the other evils that have occurred on what we call earth. It should also be recognized that many evils were seen as legal or acceptable. It took people taking a stand and saying the evil most stop.

There were over 17 million deaths of the result of the holocaust. In America alone there are over 61 million aborted babies. This is certainly a holocaust.

In America slavery and segregation based upon racism were evils in our land. We still see the affects of it. Most rational people understand that because it was legal it was not moral. Just like the Holocaust was legal but not moral. Most understand the Holocaust and slavery are evils that must never take place again.  In both of these horrific events of the past certain human beings were seen as nothing but animals and deserve to be treated as animals. Or worse yet, removed off the earth. Is this not true regarding the unborn. They are seen as not being human being and unlike animals that are protected by laws, unwanted babies are killed.

Abortion truly is America’s holocaust.
Because America will Be Judged by God if Abortion Continues
A holy, just, righteous God must bring judgment upon America if there is no repentance, if there is no stopping of the abortion holocaust. He would be an unjust God to not stand in the gap of the unborn. To not say no more or else. God intervened on behalf of the Jews and other people who were victims of the Nazi Holocaust. He brought judgment upon Germany and its allies. Yes God withheld His judgment upon America regarding slavery, but many lives were lost to bring an end to slavery. We can be assured if slavery had not ended God would have brought judgment upon America. How much more will God bring judgment upon America if it does not defend the innocent unborn. Judgment can come in many forms, and the division in America over this issue can certainly create an atmosphere for God’s judgment.

Because I Was Blinded and Had My Own Child Aborted
I was one who supported abortion. I forced my girlfriend to get an abortion. I made the statement, “I made it, I can kill it.” I know exactly what I was forcing her to do. It was very intentional on my part. No excuse of not knowing it was life. Not caring the fetus felt pain. Not caring if my girlfriend would have regrets. Not caring if there was a god that cared (I did not believe in a god.) The unborn baby within her was an inconvenience. It messed up my future. It would cost me money. It, yes, just an it. Not my child, only an it. Totally failing to realize that I was an it at one time. Extreme self-contentedness.  Why do I speak out? Because it is the least I can do to help remove the blinders off the eyes of those like men. It is the least I can do to make my amends with my God. Yes, He totally forgave me the day I accepted Christ and when I personally came to Him in regards to this sin. BI am completely forgiven, I don’t need to do penance. BUT, I will defend the lives other innocent babies in honor of my aborted child.

Because it is the Correct Thing to Do
Because of all of the above it is totally clear to me, the correct thing to do is to Speak Against Abortion.

If you are considering an abortion, we appeal to you to reconsider. I understand there may be some very strong reasons why you are considering an abortion. Understandable reasons. But your decision has eternal consequences. Please give a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to listen to your story.

If you have had an abortion this must be very hard for you to read. You may have guilt, shame, condemnation, and believe God hates you. I want to assure you that is not the case. He instead wants to comfort you. Please me a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to encourage you.

I judge no one who has obtained an abortion. I had my own child aborted.

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