Revival-Do You Want Revival?

do you want revival

Revival-Do You Want Revival?

Many say they want revival. But the question is, “Do you really want revival?”.  Before you are quick to say that you want revival you should know there are various types of people who say they want revival. Which one are you?
They are those who say they want revival but in reality they have wrong motives or they are deceived, uninformed, or don’t want to pay the cost for revival. Then there is the remnant that are all in.

Types of Revival Seekers
Wrong Motives-They say they want revival but they want it on their terms-it must happen the way they want it. They want a man designed ‘revival’. They want to be recognized as being part of an amazing ‘God thing’. Be careful, you might get what you want, but it won’t be of God.

Deceived-Many chase meeting after meeting, healing seminars, deliverance meetings, etc. You are not experiencing revival if you are chasing meetings and not transformed yourself. Much of what they are chasing is renewal meetings not revivals. In revivals the lost get saved, communities are changed, people are truly delivered, verifiable healings-not claims of healing. What these individuals are really seeking is a feeling.

Uninformed-Many say they want revival but unaware of what normally must occur for there to be revival. They think it is just a matter of a few prayers, wishes, hopes, go to a meeting. They have no idea of the ‘cost’ for revival to occur.

Not Willing to Pay the Cost-For revival to occur in our lives, in the lives of others, in a community, in a nation there is a tremendous cost. There will be some pain/cost, for revival to occur. As soon as the pain comes most will bail out.

The Cost-Humility, desperation, repentance, sacrifices, dying to self, crying out to God, tears, seeking God wholeheartedly, obedience, unity. Another cost is that our agenda must line up with God’s agenda, we must operate on His schedule, thus we must throw away or God boxes. The status quo must go. (This in no way means we must change everything we do. It means we must be willing to relinquish anything God says must go.

Remnant-There is a remnant of Christ who desire a pure revival lead by the Holy Spirit. They are not hungry for another meeting, they are hungry for a move of God to change them and their community. They understand that there is a cost that comes with a true revival and they are willing to pay the price. They also understand that a true revival is started by God alone but by their prayers and actions they can create an atmosphere for revival to occur. They also understand that any pure revival is sustained by God, not man, but their prayers and actions can create an environment for God Almighty to continue the move of His Spirit, and when He says it is over, it is over.

So do you truly want revival? Which category do you fall into? Hopefully the Remnant.

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