At One Time-Part Two

at one time

At One Time
Part Two

In my previous article I shared how liberal leaning Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor stated she would relate to controversial conservative leaning Brett Kavanaugh who just became the latest Supreme Court Justice. “When you’re charged with working together for most of the remainder of your life, you have to create a relationship,” “The nine of us are now a family and we’re a family with each of us our own burdens and our own obligations to others, but this is our work family, and it’s just as important as our personal family.” She also said that she would not judge him by what he was accused of. “It was Justice [Clarence] Thomas who tells me that when he first came to the Court, another justice approached him and said, ‘I judge you by what you do here. Welcome.’ And I repeated that story to Justice Kavanaugh when I first greeted him here,”

I shared how profound her statements are in our current political climate. As Christians her mindset should not be so unusual to us. I want you to think about Jesus. You know WWJD. Jesus who is holy, righteous, blameless, without sin, THE TRUTH.

How did He relate to others who He disagreed with?

Disciples-Do you honestly believe Jesus and the disciples agreed on politics and all the issues of the day? You know .Jesus and Simon the zealot. Do you honestly think Jesus and Matthew the tax collector had the same political beliefs?

Peter and John were total opposite in personality and I am sure had different beliefs but Jesus was able to work with both of them.

What about Judas the thief and betrayer?

How about Jesus and Mary the prostitute? Do you think they had common beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles?

How about the woman caught in adultery or the woman at the well?

Jesus and the Pharisees
I know, what about the Pharisees and Jesus?
Yes, He certainly butted heads with them, had choice words for them, and certainly was not having fellowship with them.(I actually would have been much worse than Jesus in dealing with them.)

Well, guess what? Nicodemus was also a Pharisee. And obviously had been going along with all that the Pharisees were doing. He was participating in the evil Pharisaical movement at the time. Yet Jesus spent time even with him. Now the argument is that Nicodemus came to Jesus. Yes true. BUT guess what? Jesus could have said, “You belong to the Democratic Party so I cannot talk to you. Nothing good comes out of the Democratic Party.” Oh wait, people said the same about Jesus-“Nothing good comes out of Nazareth.” You will never know what good can come out of…unless you get to know the person coming out of….

Maybe Jesus could ultimately get along with a variety of people different than Him because in did not live in a man made box. Maybe because He was more than capable to see the good in the midst of the bad. Hmm, something to think about, huh?

Sorry extreme religious right. There is some junk you are holding unto that is not of God whatsoever. There are at times some unChristlike policies,bigotry, ‘holier than thou’ garbage that comes out of your group. If you are a right wing conservative Christian you need to get back into the Word.

Sorry Progressives, much of what comes out of your group is from the pit of hell. Nothing progressive at all. If you are a Progressive Christian you need to get back into the Word of God.

The good news is if both groups will let go of their rhetoric, hate, black & white thinking, there are truths, principles, concepts that can be fine tuned for the good of all. This will never happen unless you follow the example of Jesus-honoring people whoever they are and where they come from. Giving them your time and ear.

Progressives-you really have your work cut out for you. Much more than Right Wing Conservatives. Overall you have abandoned God. So you don’t have a Holy Spirit motivator in you. Those who do, listen to Him, you might actually become more liberal in your thinking.

Now the challenge is for all who read this that are on the extremes of the spectrum, can you have fellowship with me. If not, not sure how you have good fellowship with the real Jesus, He is most likely too balanced to your liking.

This learn to agree to disagree in love. Let’s be more willing to learn from each other and hear each other’s perspective. And yes, truth must win in the end.

At One Time-Part One

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