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The Bait of Satan

bait of satan offense offended

The Bait of Satan

The Bible says we should not intentionally do things that will offend others and cause them to stumble. But the Bible also says we all will have opportunity to be offended. That means there will always be something, someone, that can offend us. (Chapter 18:1-10)

The Bible also says that there will be people that get offended even by Jesus who was perfect. (Matthew 13:57, Mark 6:3, John 6:61) It is clear that many people are offended by the truth. Notice that Jesus did not stop speaking the truth just because someone is offended. It should also be clear that some people seem to live a life of easily being offended. Continue reading “The Bait of Satan” »

Book of Remembrance 1

book of remembrance malachi

Book of Remembrance

On Memorial Day we remember, honor, the men and women who gave their lives for America in times of military service. Each of them by their sacrificial living, left a legacy. The question that each of us as Christians, should ask ourselves, is “When I die what will be my legacy? What will I be remembered for?” Our acts and deeds may not remembered by others, but the book of Malachi states there is a Book of Remembrance that has the names of those who feared the Lord and esteemed His name. (Malachi 3:16).

There are Christians who are worried about what others think of them, how they are perceived. More important than how others perceive us is how God perceives us.  Luke 8:17 states,’For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.’ Are we known by God for our good deeds, dying to self, giving His name honor by the way we live? Continue reading “Book of Remembrance” »

SODC-Mother’s Day Breakfast

happy mothers day

Seattle Open Door Church Mother’s Day Breakfast 2018

At Seattle Open Door Church for Mother’s Day we had women from 6 years old to around 85 years old.
We had women from a variety of nationalities, socioeconomic levels, women who have been addicts for most of their life, even up to a few days ago, and women who have been abstinent for decades and decades and decades. Single moms, married, widowed, never had children, to women who have great great grandchildren.

mothers-precious-cooks-sodcAs a church we have as our vision to Love God, Love People, Love Life. We believe if you love God, you will love people, and if you love God and People you will love life. We like to say “Our Doors are Open to Whomsoever”. Everything we do as church is based upon these principles. sodc mother day

Throughout Seattle there are White churches, Black churches. Churches for the rich and famous and churches for the lowly. Churches for the oldies and churches for the millennials.  We don’t always do a good job but we do whatever we can to be a church for all people, saved or lost. It is our desire to have the rich and the homeless sitting on the same pew. The person who has never touched alcohol sitting next to the person who has is still struggling with addiction. Then we have fulfilled our vision. On Mother’s Day we got closer to fulfilling our goals.

Our next event will be a Men’s Retreat in June. One more event to have a chance to walk out our vision. It will be a time for Real People to Seek God and Love Life. No masks required. Then in August we will will be sponsoring young people to attend Youth Camp.

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