Shining Stars Expose Darkness

shining stars confronting darkness

Shining Stars Expose Darkness

In our last article we stated that Light Exposes Darkness. We showed that the Bible makes it clear that we are to expose darkness. It also makes it clear that we are to confront darkness. It also makes it clear that we are to be Shining Lights. It actually gets very specific about us being shining lights.
Philippians 2:15
That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

Think about stars, not stars, not star. The night sky does not have only one star, but stars. That means that ALL Christians should be shining stars, not just a few, We all should bring light into darkness.  Sadly what happens, I have personally been guilty of this may times, because there are many times few Christians being shining stars, some of us become too bright, we become ‘harmful to the eyes’. What do I mean? Stars are beautiful to look at. But they are stars not laser beams. Some of us at times to counteract the lack of light go into overexpose mode. The Scripture makes it clear we are to be blameless and harmless. Lets look at that more.

First off if we look at the context of Philippians 2:15 is not so much about bearing light to expose darkness. It is more about being an example of what Jesus is like. It is abut overcoming the darkness. In our next article we will talk more about that. At the same time one of the examples of Jesus is that he did confront/expose darkness. If we are shining lights like Jesus we will expose darkness.

To some, to be a shining star means that we should never say anything that offends someone. That cannot be true because Jesus offended many. The disciples offended many. The prophets certainly offended many,   The truth offends those who hate it or resist it. Darkness hates light. That is a reality.

Speaking the truth is certainly not harmful if done in love. So that is the issue. We are to be shining stars in love. Our motives need to be sincere and our actions need to be sincere. Not only sincere, but loving. No poisonous words, no mocking, no self-righteousness, no hatred, no judgment. That is being blameless. In other words being light in a way that is respectful.

So the question is what does speaking in truth in love really mean, and what is being respectful mean in regards to addressing darkness? What does it mean to be a shining star? It should be obvious that Jesus is the best example. So in our next article we will look at Jesus, how He was, and how He confronted darkness-evil.

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Shining Stars Expose Darkness
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