Champion Movie Testimonials-One Person’s Story 1

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Champion Movie Testimonials-One Person’s Story

The following story makes it worth all the effort and money spent by Seattle Open Door Church  to bring the Champion movie to a Seattle region theater. Because of our efforts the movie is going to show for at least one week. There is a reason why this had to occur. It wasn’t until after our last matinee showing of the movie did we learn why. Our Almighty God can arrange divine appointments.

Divine Appointment
Later in the evening I received a phone call from a woman who is 75 years old that was very unhappy. She had wanted to see the movie because she had heard our radio ad about free tickets. But she could not figure out how to get the free tickets, could not get to our website to get tickets, and had no ride to go to movie. She called up the theater and they gave her my contact info.

When I talked to the elderly woman I told her the movie was playing all week and that we would cover the cost of the movie if she wanted to go to the movie on Sunday. She said thank you and that she would get a ride. She said she really needed to watch the movie, that God told her to go to it no matter what.

On Sunday we never heard from her and gave her a call. She stated she has been trying to get a ride to the movie for hours with no luck. I told her that my wife and I could pick her up, drop her off at the theater, and pick her up afterwards. She was in tears and so thankful she could still go the movie. We had a woman in our church who had not seen the movie agree to watch it with her.

They both came out of the movie sobbing and saying the movie was amazing and had really touched their heart. When we took the elderly woman home we talked with her for over an hour. She said that her church is having all kinds of problems because of resentments, bitterness, pride, and unforgiveness. She understood why she needed to watch the movie. She also mentioned that she has stage 4 breast cancer but she is fighting the good fight of faith. (Please pray for her.)

in the midst of our conversation with her, my wife Carmi and I were very encouraged. She has the same passion for the lost as us. She has the same desire to see repentance and revival in our region. She has the same desire for the lost as us. She has the same fighting spirit that we have. She has an anointing of God in her life. She is a very humble person who actually is thanking God that He allowed cancer in her life. She understands taking on the cross of Jesus and wants to help others to know the Power of Suffering.

We thank God she could go to the movie on Saturday because that opened the door for us to have personal, private time with her. Truly a divine appointment. We know can pray for her, pray for her church, and she is going to be praying for our ministry. Who knows what God is up to, but we thank Him.
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