Champion Movie Testimonials-People Sharing 4

champion testimonials

Champion Movie Testimonials-People Sharing

Seattle Open Door Church  felt that the main theme of forgiveness is important enough that as many people as possible should see this video. Thus Seattle Open Door Church sponsored two matinee showings on the premier weekend showing of the movie Champion. We are so glad that we did this. The response of the attendees of the movie was amazing.

Even though because of a number of factors we did not have full theater rooms. But the response we received from the attendees was amazing. When we asked the attendees if they liked the movie there was spontaneous applause and the people were saying “It is a great movie we need to let others know about it”.

Our volunteers were trying to get people to see the movie for free instead of watching the movie they came to watch. As people were leaving the theater they were telling people, “Listen to what this man is saying. The movie is worth watching.” Some of the attendees were telling the moviegoers to go the Champion, as they walked by.

Attendees who had invited friends were saying they were disappointed that their friends had not come to see the movie.

Yes, Champion is a good movie to watch.

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