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champion movie testimonials

Champion Movie Testimonials DVD

Multitudes of DVD requests
Seattle Open Door Church
paid for two matinee showings of the premiere showing of the movie Champion. Sadly there was not the best attendance because of lack of marketing funds by us and the producer of the movie, good weather on a Seattle weekend, Joyce Meyer in town, and the Seattle International Movie Festival, we did not have the best turnout for the movie. BUT those who attended the movie were extremely thankful.

Over and over again everyone walking out was asking when the DVD was going to be released and how to get the DVD. People were incessant that they wanted to buy a DVD ASAP. They started telling why they wanted the DVD:

  • Wanted to mail it to a relative that is struggling with unforgiveness.
  • Wanted to show it to the people who were suppose to come with them to the movie but did not show up.
  • Wanted to show it in their Bible Study group.
  • Wanted to share it in their neighborhood.

Champion-Great Movie
The sign of a good movie is when movie attendees can’t wait for the DVD to come out. All the requests for the DVD is a reflection that Champion spoke to the hearts of the attendees. Many talked about how realistic it was. Many talked about how the movie had some great twists that surprised the viewer. Many talked about it was not the silly, wacky, predictable Christian movies that comes out at times. Many felt it had a life changing message, but not too Christianize.

The DVD will not come out for several months, so recommend doing all you can to get some others to watch the movie with you.
Champion Movie Testimonials-DVD
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