Champion-The Movie

champion movie

Champion-The Movie

Champion is a movie that addresses the topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances. CHAMPION depicts race car driver Sean Weathers’ journey following a tragic on-track accident that rips apart his family, leaving him vulnerable to the last person on earth who should help him. There are scenes in the movie that every viewer will be able to relate to on a personal level. Ultimately the movie is a story about the power of God to change lives.

Seattle Open Door Church is providing for our local community two free showings on Saturday May 20, 12:45pm & 3:00pm of the movie Champion. (The free showing has past. Read Testimonials about the movie.)

Why is our church providing 285 free tickets to this move? Because it is critical for individuals to forgive others and themselves if they want to live a victorious life. It is a major theme of our church. We have an entire course titled Moving Beyond the Past that addresses the topic of Forgiveness and many other issues that get people stuck. We are giving  to every attendee of the movie a Thumb Drive with the forgiveness video lesson on it. We want to see people set free, relationships restored.

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Here is the Champion Movie Trailer:

Here are some behind the scenes:



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