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In today’s political world it seems that most Americans are caught up in the Donald Trump phenomenon. It would seem he is the center of attention in America. Many Americans are supportive of the man-Donald Trump. Just as many Americans are not supportive at all of President Donald Trump. The truth is he is just a man-a fallen human being like you and I. The more important issue is how Americans relate to THE MAN-Almighty God.  More important is how they relate to THE MAN-JESUS CHRIST. The Bible says He is fully God and fully man, and He is the only way to gain access to eternal life.At the end of the day in the light of eternity it does not really matter how you feel about Donald Trump. He will come and go. Sooner or later he will die like the rest of us. What matters when looking at eternity is what is your relationship with God and His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. Do you have a born again, saving relationship with Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. If not, you need to stop focusing on Donald Trump and focus on getting right with God. Learn more about eternal life by going to

Deity of Jesus Christ
To learn about the Deity of Jesus Christ (that Jesus is fully God), click here.

The Executive Orders of THE MAN
Click here to read about the The Man and His Executive Orders. They cannot be made null and void by a judge.



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