Racism-Solution Seven-Focus on Unity-Part Sixteen 3

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Racism in America
Solution-Part Seven
Focus on Unity

If there is any chance of there being a solution to racism in America it is going to take all those involved to make a commitment to not focus on the differences but on the similarities-focus on unity.  This in no way is to deny there is racism, to deny the struggles of those who have been victims of racism, to lessen the value of different cultures or to insinuate we all most act, think, and be the same. Unity does not mean to be the same, similar, ‘look the same as’.

Definitions of Unity

  • A way of combining the parts in a work of art or literature so that they seem to belong together
  • A condition of harmony
  • The quality or state of being one
  • A totality of related parts: an entity that is a complex or systematic whole
  • The state of being in full agreement

Now for share there will never be the state of being in full agreement here on earth in regards to race. As long as there are fallen people on earth there will be disagreements in regards to race. But we can certainly find a way of combining the good qualities of various cultures into unity. Isn’t that part of what makes America great as a nation? Can we not strive for unity for the sake of harmony? Can we not strive for the state of being one-one race, the human race? Are we not related parts-all human beings that make up the human race? What if were to look at each other in this manner instead of looking at all our differences as a reason to separate and divide?

A Puzzle
Look at a puzzle. It has all kinds of pieces that are very different and at times some of the pieces are somewhat different, but still unique. You take all those unique pieces and place them in their appropriate position and you have a beautiful design. Each piece is ‘comfortable’ where it fits in the puzzle. The puzzle is incomplete if the pieces are not where they fit in. People of all races with all their various cultures and heritage when combined together become one-Americans.

Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. When Apostle Paul wrote this there were obviously Jews, Greeks, bondsmen, free men, males, and females. However, they all joined together to make Christians. They all had value and worth.

Our Similarities
If we want to see racism stopped, we need to focus on our similarities. We are Americans, we all are people who have value and worth, we all need what each of us brings to the table if we want to have the significance of diversity and unity at the same time. All of us are precious in the eyes of God Almighty. All of us are sinners in need of a Savior.

Guess what-no matter your race, your poop stinks. I visited someone who was in a nursing home. They were complaining because the person of a different race than them in the room with them, poop stunk. I recommended them that their poop stunk also. All of us as human beings and of various races and cultures have flaws.  We can focus on our flaws (poop) or we can focus on the good in each of us. (This in no way means ignore the flaws and not to work on the flaws.)

If you want to see racism disappear (again it will never completely disappear as long as there are people on earth), focus on the similarities, not the differences. Yet at the same time appreciate the differences.


Our next article will be Racism Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Part Seventeen

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