Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege 3

white privilegeRacism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege

The phrase White Privilege has become very popular among some groups. It is offensive to other groups. Is there such a thing as White Privilege in America? Is it something of the past or is it in effect in the present? Is there such a thing as Minority Privilege? Does it depend upon where you live? Is ‘White Privilege’ based upon color of skin or based upon right choices? What if the answer yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes based upon the questions above. If there is White Privilege is there a way to fix it? Has some of the solutions to White Privilege been ineffective or not fair?White Privilege in the Past
It should be clear to anyone regardless of skin color or experience that there certainly has been White Privilege in the past in America. The slavery of Blacks make that clear. The racism of the past should make that clear. Blacks had no rights whatsoever at one time, They were seen as property. It was Whites owning Black Slaves. Not Blacks owning White Slaves.

Is there White Privilege Today?
The answer is yes and no, with a leaning towards yes. As long as there is any racism or prejudice towards Blacks there will be forms of White Privilege. Certainly in certain areas of the country there is White Privilege. Whites are more likely to get a job, more likely able to rent, able to buy a house, less likely to get pulled over by police. This is a reality that cannot be denied. In many areas of the country if the police saw a White person juggling with their eyes to get into their car at 1am, they would drive by. But if they saw a Black man doing the same they would more likely slow down or even stop and to see what is going on. That is a sign of White Privilege. So, yes there is White Privilege today.

Most Whites have never experienced the challenge of being judged just based upon skin color.

However, in certain areas of the country it could be a detriment to be White. It may be unsafe, actually very dangerous to be White. In certain areas of the country there is strong racism and prejudice against Whites. Prejudice and racism goes both ways.

If you are a White Jewish boy without a father living in the hood, being White certainly is not a privilege.

Over the years there has been prejudice against Caucasians of certain nationalities. It should be noted that for years there was Irish slavery that nobody speaks about.

Minority Privilege
Is there such a thing as Minority Privilege? Yes, there certainly is whenever there is special favor given to minorities just because they are a minority. Everyone understands the purpose is to make up for the unfairness of the past. But those privileges today can be very unfair. A female or minority can be accepted into many colleges with a lower GPA. That is privilege. Many government agencies give favor to females and minorities when it comes to getting hired. Many female and minority owned companies get special favor. Many social service agencies give favor to those who are female or a minority. Individuals are getting special privileges solely based upon their sex and skin color other than White. That is certainly Minority Privilege.

Offended at the Concept of White Privilege
Because of the above there are Whites that are offended at the concept of White Privilege. They would argue that they live in an area that overall has no racism and prejudice towards Blacks. They see Black neighbors buying the same homes as them, getting the same jobs as them. Driving the same cars as them. They also see other Blacks and minorities getting all of the above special privileges, and the rightly ask, ‘How do I have special White Privileges? That is a legitimate question.

Also, there are multitudes of White people who had to work hard to get where they are at today. They had to buy their first car, they had to pay on their own to get a college education. They had to work full-time when they went to college. They had to start from the bottom to get menial jobs. Yet, they have seen Blacks and minorities who grew up in well to do families have everything handed over to them. They do not feel privileged and feel offended to be grouped together with all Whites.

Privilege or Right Choices?
How much is White Privilege and Making Right Choices? That question must be asked. Some will argue that Blacks/Minorities have never had the opportunity to make right choices. To a small extent that may be true, but evidence shows that there is a limitation to that excuse. There are multitudes of individuals that grew up in some of the worse conditions possible and they still made right choices. There are multitudes of successful stories in regards to people of color. To an extent it may have been harder for them to become successful, but all that did is made them people of great character.

Right Choices
Making right choices and having good results from those right choices is not privilege, it is called being wise. If a person is White but chooses to wear nose rings, have purple hair, tattoos all over their body, dress like Goth, they probably will have a hard time getting a job even if they are White. A person who walks like a gangster, talks like a gangster, wears their pants hanging down to their knees, is probably not going to get a job. It has nothing to do with race. If a person respects a police officer and obeys his orders, they are most likely to not have police problems no matter white their skin color is (almost all of the police shootings of Blacks had to do with Blacks not being compliant. Does not mean they necessary deserved to die but disobedience of authority can be consequential.) If a person lives in the ghetto and is given the option to get out of the ghetto, that is on them. If a person chooses to wear a victim badge and has the mindset of a victim they will most likely be a victim. If a person has the mindset to be an overcomer, they will most likely overcome any obstacle and be a better peron for it.

Yes, sadly there has been and there is still some White Privilege. To deny this only brings division and fulfills the stereotype that Whites are in denial and not concerned about the hardships that minorities have and at times still experience. At the same time if minorities continue to deny that many programs give them an unfair advantage, then it is going to be offensive for Whites to hear and receive the concept of White Privilege.

All of us are given choices. If we make wrong choices that is on us, not society. If a person continues to believe they are a victim, lives like a victim, and does not take the advantage of the opportunities given to them, that is on them.

Finally, even today in some areas of America there still is White Privilege and it is hard for Blacks and minorities to overcome prejudice and racism. This is injustice and it should be Whites that take a stand at such injustice. They should be adamant to break the stereotype of White Privilege.

My next post on this topic will be, “Solution Seven-Focus on Unity“.

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3 thoughts on “Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege

  • Richard D. Dover Post author

    Is there such a thing as White Privilege? Absolutely!!! Plenty of examples! BUT there are multitudes of reasons why the general statement of White Privilege is a racist, bigoted comment.

    a. Whenever a people group is identified in a stereotype of manner just based upon skin color it becomes racist. Why? Not everyone fits into the stereotypes and has had the same behavior, mindset, experiences.

    b. There are White people who live in areas in America where they certainly did no, or do not, experience white privilege. They have experienced blatant racism, bigotry, and hate. My father is one of those people. He was hated and attacked for being a white Jewish boy with no father. That was not privilege in the Black neighborhood he grew up in. There are areas in parts of America where Whites will find it not only hard to get a job but dangerous to even live in the Black neighborhood.

    c. A White person is not responsible or guilty of the poor choices of other races, specifically some Black people. They are identified specifically because they are the ones that shout the loudest about white privilege. (You don’t hear Asians or Hispanic playing the White Privilege tape over and over again, yet they certainly have been victims of racism by Whites.)

    d. As the video states Asians have some of the highest paying jobs (jobs with PhD requirements). Indian Asians have saturated the tech field with high paying jobs. So in regards to some jobs it would seem as if they have more privilege than Whites.

    e. There have been Whites who have had to fight a variety of challenges and obstacles in spite of their ‘White Privilege’.

    f. The affirmative action, given priority that minorities have received in many realms of society certainly counters some of the white privilege that has been there. Minorities/Blacks are given first choice in many realms. That certainly at times can become reverse discrimination.

    g. There have been liberal Blacks and liberal Whites that have intentionally made it their career to continue to fuel the victim mentality of many Blacks. To intentionally brain wash them into believing they are victims, they are not capable on their own to get out of their situation, they need the help of the White man to get ahead, and they cannot do it own their own. That is bigotry at a minimum in itself if not racism.

    h. As long as there are Blacks that make very poor choices and it is not addressed and dealt with, there will be White Privilege. White Privilege (Asian privilege, Hispanic Privilege) because of poor choices. The ‘baby momma’, no father figure mindset causes Blacks to be underprivileged. The gangster/hipster/criminal mindset among some Blacks causes Blacks to be underprivileged. The rich Blacks not helping underprivileged Blacks makes Blacks underprivileged. Blacks embracing the killing of Blacks through abortion certainly makes Blacks underprivileged. Black pastors promoting victim mentality and getting rich doing it certainly has made Blacks underprivileged. “Chips on your shoulder’ will not bring privilege.
    i. Some Blacks fulfilling stereotypes certainly fuels racism. Blacks looting, committing arson, destroying property of others during rioting certainly makes Blacks underprivileged. Condoning such behavior certainly will not reduce any white privilege that is in our society.
    k. The promoting of racism towards Whites by some Blacks will not counter White Privilege.
    l. There are plenty of Blacks who have ‘made it to the top’. There are certainly realms where Blacks have had ‘Black Privilege’. Look at sports.
    m. Trying to make White people feel guilty for being White, blaming them for all the atrocities of the actions of White AND Black people of the past, does not help. Especially with Whites who have experienced racism all of their life just because they are White.
    Bottom Line
    Insinuating that just because of a person’s skin color, without taking into consideration all of the factors above, has privilege just because of skin color is racism and bigotry.
    None of the above denies there are realms of White Privilege. There is White Privilege. But there is also Asian Privilege, Hispanic Privilege (go live in Southern California as a White person), and Black Privilege. There is wiser choices privilege.
    Those who hate stereotypes are sometimes the most guilty of stereotyping.