Racism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter 2

blue lives matterRacism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter

Because of all the protests against police in general, because of some in the Black Lives Matter movement who have spoken nothing but hate towards police, because some BLM leaders have actually encouraged violence against police, because of the rejoicing at times when police are killed in the line of duty, because there has been an overemphasis of some bad police officers compared to the multitudes who are just doing their job the best they can, the Blue Lives Matter movement has been started. It is not an organized movement in the same way as Black Lives Matter. It is not a political movement like Black Lives Matter. It is mainly just American citizens and police officers stating they support police officers.Just as Black Lives Matter does not mean that White Lives or All Lives Don’t Matter, Blue Lives Matter does not mean that police or others support police abuse, police wrongful killings, or any other illegal activity of police.

Sadly just as some people practice bigotry and racism towards Blacks/People of Color, there are individuals that practice bigotry and hate towards any individual that wears a police uniform. They teach their children to hate and mistrust police instead of teaching them to go to a police officer when you are in danger. This specifically has been many within the Black community. Much of the rap music talks about killing police. There are the Black gangs that have no problem killing police. However. it should be pointed out that the hate of police is not connected to just the Black Community (Most Blacks do not have a hatred of police, most are law abiding.) The truth is ALL law breakers hate the police regardless of their race.

Policing Must Change
The truth is that there is clear evidence that there is racism in some law enforcement, that there is police brutality, there are unjustified police shootings. Some police departments still have corruption. There are plenty of videos that show police abuse. Police Departments must do a better job of making sure bad officers are terminated. Good cops need to start outing bad cops. Policing must work more on training officers how to deescalate situations that can become tragic. Police Departments must be quick to release police video cam recordings. Every day the videos are delayed the more suspicion of corruption.

Every time a police department handles an illegal act of a police officer in a way that gives the impression the officer is not in the wrong, the more there will be hatred towards police.

No Justification for Police Killing
Even though all of the above is critical there is absolutely no justification for killing a police officer. Any individual are group that justifies police shootings show they do not believe that Blue Lives Matter. Just as individuals who are killed illegally by police have families that also become victims of the tragedy, police officers have families that become victims of the tragedy.

Disobeying Police Leads to Consequences
If you refuse to obey the requests and commands of a police officer, if you resist arrest, if you try to attack a police officer, you will get harmed. If the title, the uniform, the badge, the baton, the taser, do not stop you, then the only resort is the gun. That is not the fault of the police, it is your fault. The sad truth is that within the Black culture there has been for some time an underlying message to not trust police and to disrespect police. Yes, there are some valid reasons for this, but this mindset only does more harm than good for Blacks. Many times situations escalate because of this mindset. Many black deaths by police shootings could have been prevented simply by not resisting detainment or arrest. Saying this, at the same time, police need more training in how to deescalate situations.

Police Departments must do all they can to train officers properly and weed out bad cops. Good cops need to out out bad cops. Black Lives Matter and other movements must not condone police killings or condone illegal rioting or blocking highways. Both police and Black Lives Matter must work together at not seeing each other as enemies, but find where they can unite together. Thankfully there are some groups promoting this.

Our next article is titled, Racism-All Lives Matter

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