Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All 6

black lives matter allRacism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

One of the big arguments that many people use against the Black Lives Matter movement is that many feel that the movement is not sincere. They argue that if Black lives really mattered then the movement would do more about Black on Black crime. Those in the movement would argue that they are concerned about Black on Black crime, but their main focus is on the injustices being perpetrated by Whites,  police, and the judicial system. We are going to look at both sides of the argument.

It would make since that BLM is for ALL Blacks. The challenge I will present will be “Is what BLM doing helping or harming Blacks overall”.BLM is for ALL Blacks
The obvious answer is yes. I would go as far as to say of course they are for ALL Blacks. ALL Black Lives Matter to BLM. For sure they would say that is the case. They do not want to see Blacks dying at the hands of Blacks any more than they want to see Blacks dying at the hands of anyone else. They want to see the lives of all Blacks improved. However, they would say their main focus currently is based upon what they feel is a very unjust judicial system, excessive racism among police and excessive force among police, and undue favoritism of Whites, including what they call White Privilege. I think any sincere person would have to acknowledge there is some truth to their concerns. They would have to also acknowledge that Blacks should be concerned about such issues. Later on we will be addressing some of these issues that we have not discussed in previous articles.

BLM believes the main problem for Blacks is white supremacy. They believe that if they fight white supremacy they will help ALL Blacks.  They are blaming the failures of many Blacks on Whites. Is there some truth to this assumption? Absolutely! But it is also very close to racism. Many Black individuals have been and are successful living in America. Yes, for many there may be at times that they have had to fight harder because they are people of color. But they have fought the good fight and have won. Many Black people have the problems they have because of their bad choices. Very poor choices. Just like ALL people who make bad choices regardless of skin color. (Fatherless homes, not getting an education, getting involved in drugs and alcohol, being involved in gangs, hating authority, are bad choices and affects all races.) Until Blacks (and others) deal with their own poor choices instead of blaming everything on others, they will repeat their bad choices. Balance, balance, balance.

Not All Blacks are for All Blacks
What the BLM movement appears to fail to realize is that there are leaders and others in their movement that do not truly care about ALL Blacks. There are some that have very ulterior motives. They actually benefit by Blacks being in poverty, having high crime rates, having broken families, having racism continue. If these conditions were to change they would lose their careers, the way they make money would disappear. They have the power and influence to change the inner city, but they rather be in the spotlight being race baiters. Individuals like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan. Men who have promoted hatred towards Whites. They are egomaniac showmen like Donald Trump. They thrive off of publicity and rhetoric. They speak hate. I know, how dare a White man say this. I know I must just be prejudice, racist, bigoted to make these statements. The only problem with this argument is there are many Black leaders that have made these statements in a very direct manner. Leaders who absolutely do not support any form of racism. Leaders who believe there are more positive solutions to the Black person’s situation in America. (Some of the Black Leaders that do not support BLM: Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Alveda C. King, Sheriff David Clarke, Professor Carol Swain, Richard Sherman, Herman Cain, Ray Lewis, Morgan Freeman, several Black Rappers do not support BLM.)

Ray Lewis on BLM-Note title states he makes uninformed condemnation of BLM. You decide.


Hypocrisy That All Blacks Matter
If the BLM movement ever wants to get beyond the image of being an organization not for ALL Blacks, it needs to deal with the crime associated with the movement. Until it addresses the crime element of its organization, and individuals who promote crime (like the gentlemen mentioned), it will not be received by many Blacks and certainly not Whites.

There can be no denial that many times when BLM protestors protest, they do not just protest but riot and break the law. (Sadly many among the movement defend such behavior.) BLM protestors committing arson, burglary, theft, damaging public property, committing assaults. Against whom? At times Blacks. When people see this behavior they are not convinced that BLM is for ALL Blacks. When they block highways so that emergency vehicles cannot get through, there are Black people in those ambulances, Black people who have a house on fire, Black people who need the police. Here is a truth that nobody wants to talk about or admit. Crime done by BLM supporters feeds racism, it does not reduce racism. Just like when a White police officer abuses a Black person.

BLM leaders will say they are not responsible for what all their supporters do. That is the same as police chiefs saying their not responsible for what some police officers do. You can’t have it both ways. Some police departments are very corrupt because they have allowed corruption. BLM has allowed racism and hatred of Whites and police to be a part of their organization. BTW, many White people realize that the crime taking place under BLM is not reflective of all Black people. However, it is reflective of many involved with BLM.

Black on Black Crime
As long as BLM focuses on White people being evil and police being evil and not become loud advocates to change Black communities, it will fail as an organization to reduce racism. The legitimate argument will be (an argument by both Whites and Blacks) ‘Instead of burning Black businesses why not protect Black businesses? Instead of spending all your effort on the few bad police there are (statistically this has been proven true over and over) why not spend your effort dealing with Black crime? (Still challenge bad police practices.) Why not spend your effort protesting against gangs? Why not spend your effort teaching children to respect the law instead of break the law? Why not deal with gun violence among Blacks?’ These are legitimate arguments.

If BLM would spend as much time on the above as what they are currently doing, there would be more Whites that would join in the cause. But as long as BLM keeps giving the message that White people and police are evil and do not do more about the Black community they will never be seen as an organization that is truly for ALL Blacks.  Again what I am sharing is the viewpoint of multitudes of Blacks, not just White people.

What I am sharing is shared by many Black leaders. I know it is not politically correct for a White man to speak this way because he will labeled as not understanding and a bigot and racist. So be it. I am neither and my life proves it. Too many individuals remain silent because they fear the labels. People who call people names just because they disagree with them, should not be feared.

Our next article is Blue Lives Matter.

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