Racism in America, Part Fourteen-All Lives Matter 4

all lives matterRacism in America, Part Fourteen-All Lives Matter

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement there has now started an All Lives Matter movement. Is Black Lives Matter saying Blacks matter more than any other race? Especially more than the White race? Or are they bringing attention to the racism toward Blacks while not lessening the fact that All Lives Matter? Are those who say All Lives Matter lessening the fact there is still racism in America? Is there a balance in all of this? Is this just a Black/White issue (no pun intended)?

All Lives Matter is Offensive
Some ill argue that the statement All Lives Matter is offensive. Why? It feels like it is being used to deny the truth that there is still racism in America, that it denies that there are at times the unjustified killing of Blacks by police, that the phrase is used to lessen the message that Black Lives Matter.

The argument is used that yes All Lives Do Matter, but we must not use that phrase to hide the fact there are injustices towards Blacks. The argument is that All Lives Matter but some lives, Blacks in particular, have not been treated as if their life matters as much as others. Thus the Black Lives Matter movement sees the All Lives Matter movement as a tool being used to silence the Black Lives Matter movement and allow injustice to continue. Those supporting All Lives Matter need to be willing to see the concern of those who support Black Lives Matter.

All Lives Matter
It needs to be understood that many who support All Lives Matter are not defending the injustices against Blacks. This is clearly true because there are Blacks who support the All Lives Matter movement and don’t support the Black Lives Matter movement. They do not deny the injustices, they just believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is handled in the wrong manner and brings more division than unity.

There are those who support the concept of All Lives Matter because they do not believe as a people we should identify ourselves by our skin color. They believe there is only one race, the human race. They believe that one of the ways to remove racism is to remove skin color from the equation. They believe ALL injustice should be confronted. The killing of police is just as wrong as the killing of Blacks. Racism of Blacks towards Whites is also injustice. If we understood that ALL LIVES MATTER, we would respect all lives.

If there is ever going to be the end of racism, there must be a time where both sides can recognize the validity of each side. Come to understand each other. Yes, Black Lives Matter and the injustices must stop. Also, we need to stop identifying ourselves by skin color or race and realize All Lives Matter. Need to find common ground.


Our next article will be on White Privilege

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