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Christians Witnessing to Muslims-88,000 Accept Christ

bearing witness to MuslimsChristians Witnessing to Muslims-88,000 Accept Christ
Something to Think About

Here is something to think about. What if every Christian shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one Muslim? Just one Muslim in 2016? What do you think would happen? Would there not be revival? This break this down.

There is approximately 4 million Muslims in America. This say this number is low and double it to 8 million Muslims. There is supposedly around 250 million Americans that claim to be Christians. We know that a majority are not Christians because many just claim to be Christian because they live in America. This reduce this number by 50% to 125 million Christians in America. Wait this make it so that only 10% of those who claim to be Christian are truly born again. That would mean there are 25 million Christians in America. So this one mean there three times as many Christians as Muslims. So this breakdown this number down lower. Say only 1/3 of these Christians shared their faith. That is 8 million Christians. So this work with this statistic. Continue reading “Christians Witnessing to Muslims-88,000 Accept Christ” »

Shia Muslims Self-Mutilation

shia children self mutilationShia Muslims Self Mutilation

Shia Muslims engage in gory mourning rituals such as self-flagellation and self-mutilation in celebration of Ashura, one of the holy days in Shia Islam.For Shias, Ashura commemorates the killing of Imam Hussein, a grandson of Mohammed. Shias consider Hussein to be the one true heir of Muhammad’s legacy. some Shias mark the holiday with bloody self-flagellation rituals. One such ritual is called “tatbeer,” participants cut their heads with swords and spears in mourning for the fallen Imam Hussein. Another Shia self-flagellation ritual involves the use of a zanjeer (a chain with blades). Participants march through the streets chanting and hitting themselves in the chest with whips and chains to ritually punish their bodies. Continue reading “Shia Muslims Self-Mutilation” »

Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson

Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson

Very disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson. Not disappointed in him deciding to no longer run for President It was obvious he was not going to have any chance at the nomination. Too many Christians on the Trump Bandwagon. Disappointed for other reasons. Hopefully I am totally wrong in my perspective. Ultimately only God knows.

The following are my disappointments with Carson:

a. Based upon Ben Carson’s ongoing remarks it appears that he is still holding a personal grudge against Cruz because his campaign saying he was getting out of the race during the Iowa Caucus. I can understand him being upset and angry, but as a Christian you should forgive an move on. Plus Cruz himself was not responsible and personally apologized. Do I think the Cruz campaign has some sleazy practices? Absolutely. But Carson over and over brought this matter up as he says in the same breath he has given forgiveness. A person who keeps bringing up their ‘abuse’ is a person who has not truly forgiven. Now forgiveness is a process, but Carson ran a campaign based upon being a man of godly principle. Continue reading “Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson” »