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There is Hope TV

There is Hope TVThere is Hope TV

There is Hope TV is the media outreach of Seattle Open Door Church located in Burien, WA. Seattle Open Door Church is committed to Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life. We strongly believe that as a person loves God, they will automatically love people. As a person loves God and People, they cannot help but love life. Too many people are trying to love life without loving people and loving God. They are on a path that does not lead to hope.

At Seattle Open Door Church we say There is Hope through Jesus Christ.

There is Hope TV consists of sermons, teachings, and interviews by Pastor Richard D. Dover. To learn more about There is Hope TV, go to www.thereishopetv.org.

There is Hope TV broadcasts locally in the Seattle market but can be watched 24/7 on the Internet. Click here to watch broadcasts on the Internet.