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King Saul (Trump) or King David (Carson) 1

trump carsonKing Saul (Donald Trump) or King David (Dr. Ben Carson)

If you know your Bible you are going to see some amazing correlations. The question is will America as a nation learn from the principles taught in the Bible or will We the People make the same bad choices that the nation of Israel did in regards to its new leader?

If you know the Bible at all you will immediately know the difference between King Saul and King David. If not, here are a few the differences between the two men. Before I talk about their differences, I should point out that both of them were men-fallen human beings. They both allowed their flesh to rule them instead of God at times and they both made some bad choices. But it will become obvious which one was chasing after God instead of chasing after a position.

(Cliff Notes-In this article I compare Donald Trump to King Saul and Dr. Ben Carson to King David. The comparisons will become very clear in this article. So which do you want for President? A King Saul (who did his own will) or a King David (who is called a man after God’s own hear)? Continue reading “King Saul (Trump) or King David (Carson)” »

Four Types of Christian Leaders Regarding Politics

christians politicsFour Types of Christian Leaders
American Politics

In regards to American politics there appears to be mainly four different perspectives by Christian ministers/leaders:
(Yes, we do understand that these are generalities and there are exceptions.)

  • Don’t get involved at all-God is not concerned about America and politics
  • Extreme Conservative Right-Become actively involved to the point of speaking from the pulpit about politics, candidates, etc
  • Extreme Liberalism in Theology and Politics-Become actively involved to the point of speaking from the pulpit about politics, candidates, etc
  • A Balanced Approach-God is concerned about what takes place in America in regards to the political arena, Christians should be involved in the political process, but the ultimate answer is always the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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