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Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right

trump pagan republicanDonald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right

Cliff Notes of this Article
Here are the Cliff Notes of this article.
Republican politicians know they must win the votes of the Conservative Christian Right. If a GOP candidate does not get their vote they will not be the Republican nominee. Cruz, Rubio, and Carson will have no problem getting Christians to vote for them. Trump learned early last year he needed the Christian vote. He knew that one of the reasons he did not do good at his attempt for political office 3 years ago is because he did not have the support of Conservative Christians. So, suddenly in the last year Trump has had an awakening. He suddenly is a conservative and a strong Christian man. There is no evidence in his life of this dramatic conversion but he has learned with most American sheeple that are Conservative Christian Right you just have to be angry enough, hateful enough, shout loud enough and you can get their vote regardless of what your character is like. Regardless of what your past has been. Continue reading “Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right” »

American Christians-Pursuing Holiness

pursue holinessAmerican Christians-Pursuing Holiness

As Christians we should be pursuing holiness through Jesus Christ instead of pursuing riches, things, people, and the world. We should desire to be consecrated (wholly devoted to God), set apart, separated from the things of this world so that we can expose the darkness and show the lost there is a better way of living. Not separated from the world in the sense of not being in the world, but not being tainted by the world.

We should be looking for godly leaders who desire to be set apart for God. Individuals we can trust to lead America and our churches with the anointing of God on their life. Men and women set apart as vessels for God. But if We the People refuse to walk in holiness and purity we will just be sheeple that follow whomsoever. We need God to instill the desire of holiness in us. Continue reading “American Christians-Pursuing Holiness” »

American Christians-Weep in Anguish

 American Christians-Weep in Anguishanguish

American Christians should be weeping in anguish for what is taking place in America and the Church. Our hearts should be heavy. Our hearts should be broken. How can a follower of Jesus Christ not be weeping for our Land and the Body of Christ? Either because they are not truly born again, because they are consumed by the things of the world, they are blinded, they are sheeple going to the slaughter, they have a hard heart. We should thus weep for the individuals just described.

Scripture says as Jesus looked down on Jerusalem just before His crucifixion he wept because they were like lambs without a shepherd. Sadly Americans and certainly American Christians have a shepherd-Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yet they to a large extent ignore the Shepherd. Continue reading “American Christians-Weep in Anguish” »

Ben Carson on Second Amendment

ben carson gun controlBen Carson on Second Amendment

It is very amazing how the Conservative media totally ignores Dr. Ben Carson on the various issues and continuously tries to ignore him on the issues and tries to make him appear weak on the issues. Watch this video from 9 months ago when he spoke to the NRA in regards to his position on the Second Amendment. Does he sound weak on the Second Amendment to you? Continue reading “Ben Carson on Second Amendment” »

Survivors of Abortion

abortion survivorsSurvivors of Abortion

Abortion is certainly a hot topic in America. We as a nation are split about 50-50 in regards to this topic. As much as I am pro-life I also understand that many who are pro-choice are not supportive of the killing of innocent children as they are supportive of women having a right to choose if they keep their baby. As much as I understand why the pro-choice individuals believe what they believe, the truth is that every time abortion takes place there is only one human being that comes out alive. The truth is the most vulnerable, innocent are killed, and they cannot speak for themselves. Continue reading “Survivors of Abortion” »

Dr. Carson and His Specific Goals as President 1

ben carson heal handsDr. Ben Carson and His Specific Goals as President

Dr. Ben Carson is the only GOP candidate that is coming out with specific goals and details of implementing those goals in regards to the issues of the day. The other candidates are busy at name calling, attacking each other, making promises with no specifics. Continue reading “Dr. Carson and His Specific Goals as President” »

Which One Reflects Christianity? 1

carson trumpWhich One Reflects Christianity?

I strongly believe that when a political candidate claims to be Christian, and especially when they use that claim to try and get votes, then it is fair game to look at their life and evaluate their life to see if it reflects the character of Christ. Of course, every candidate and person falls short. But is there some evidence of them trusting in Christ as their LORD and Savior and a desire to live according to the principles found in Scripture? If they claim to be a Christian then their positions on the issues should line up with biblical principles. Continue reading “Which One Reflects Christianity?” »

Rattlesnake Dream 1

Rattlesnake Dream
Poison to Silence the Preaching

Many times when I get into a deep sleep I have very, very intense dreams. Most of the time I do not pay attention to them because they seem to have no significance, but I am learning to pay attention to them based upon two recent dreams I had. One of them was a very intense dream with a rattlesnake. I want go into all the details even though they all had meaning but get to the jest of the dream. Continue reading “Rattlesnake Dream” »

Dream-Keep Silent, Kicked in Groan 4

man screamingKeep Silent Dream
Kicked in the Groan

Last night I had another very intense dream. It was very clear that this dream was about an entity wanting me to be silent. At times when I have dreams I ask myself what triggered the dream. That helps me determine if the dream is significant. If I watch a TV show or hear something on the radio and then I have a dream similar to what I heard I normally don’t pay any attention to the dream. But this dream was very different for me. Continue reading “Dream-Keep Silent, Kicked in Groan” »

Dream Big-We the People-Do the Impossible Introduction 2

dream bigDream Big-We the People-Do the Impossible

In 2016 can We the People (Americans) Dream Big?
This series is directed towards every single American. Yes, even Americans of a different persuasion than me-those of you who totally disagree with me on many or most issues. Please, I beg of you to read all the articles in this series. I believe you will be amazed in the balanced approach I will take on this topic. Continue reading “Dream Big-We the People-Do the Impossible Introduction” »