Warning to Christians-Part Three 1

patriotic anti gayWarning to American Christians
Category Three

Patriotic, Anti-Homosexual Marriage

This category of Christians are sold out for Jesus Christ. They love the Word of God. They truly love this nation founded on biblical principles. They are the type to die for this nation and for Jesus Christ. They are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe in using the freedom we have in this country to bring a positive influence in America and using the freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Most of these Christians believe patriotism and Christianity go together because God was involved in the start of America and He gave us freedom as Americans so that we could boldly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These Christians are very saddened by what is happening to America and not afraid to express it. They make it clear that homosexuality is sin like fornication is sin and a person needs to repent of any and all sin. They have a fear of the judgment of God. They have a concern that religious liberty in America will be a thing of the past. They feel so strong about this they are willing to die for America and Jesus Christ.

This category of Christians believe in truth in love. There is the need for truth and the need for love. These Christians most of the time base their beliefs on the Bible, not feelings, emotions, or what is politically correct. They vote according to Biblical principles. They make decisions based upon biblical principles. They allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction upon them and repent.
They are not concerned about what man thinks, but what God thinks. They certainly are not politically correct and strive to be biblically correct.

Dangers of the Patriotic Anti-Homosexual Marriage Christians
Saying all these good things about this category of Christians, there are also some flaws within this group. Flaws that can be very dangerous and harmful. Sadly some within this group refuse to see these flaws and they become self-righteous. This group can do great harm to the cause of Christ when they allow their emotions and feelings to dictate what they say and do. In their speaking the truth, there can be the absence of love. They can come across as very judgmental.

This category of Christians can become very judgmental of other Christians to the point they refuse to fellowship with other believers if they do not believe what they believe. To the point of bringing disunity.

One of the problems for this group is some start to get the victim mentality. Everyone is out to get them because they are Christians. Everything is seen in the light of being persecuted. There is not the taking of ownership and realizing that if you are acting like a jerk for the cause of Christ you most likely will get ‘persecuted’. When a person feels like they are being victimized they can attack back. In the midst of attacking back this group can start to act out unrighteous.

The reason the Patriotic Anti-Homosexual Marriage Christians can be so dangerous is because of their strong passion. Passion is a great asset but passion misdirected can be destructive. Passion unchecked invariably goes too far and actually becomes evil. Passion unchecked can lead to a mindset of the end justifies the means. So the danger for this group is that they may come to believe that you must do whatever you have to defend America from destruction. You must do whatever it takes to stand for the Gospel. Out of this group can come extremists who actions contradict Scripture. The greatest example of this is anti-abortion individuals bombing abortion clinics or killing abortion doctors. Now obviously most in this group would condemn such behavior.

Right now there are many in this group who because of the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage feel they must lash back against the lies, deception, and refuse to ‘give up any more ground’. They are convinced that persecution is coming for those who stand for traditional marriage. They are already in the fighting mode. This is where the danger is. This is where chaos and tyranny could take place in America and sadly this group could be the start of it. If they are not careful they will either try and fight evil through the political realm or in the physical realm (making the mistake of forgetting that we are in spiritual warfare). They will be convinced they must take our country for God. If not careful they will do things that will make even Christians against them. Thus accomplishing what Satan wants to happen-Christians against Christians.

The problem for many in this group is they do not realize that God was behind the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage. If anyone is to blame it is God. (Read my article Its God’s Fault to understand what I mean.) So they should be mad at God, not people. Now of course it is not God’s perfect will for homosexual marriage. But is God’s will to judge the Body of Christ, for not standing for truth, for being politically correct instead of spiritually correct, for not being the light, for walking in blatant and willful sexual sin. Judgment starts at the house of God first.

Warning to Patriotic, Anti-Homosexual Marriage
How the Body of Christ handles what just took place in America will determine what God does next. He will either bring persecution or revival. In reality most likely both. What is guaranteed is if this group of Christians do not handle this situation properly God will certainly allow persecution. In reality this group will bring persecution upon themselves because of their overreaction and mishandling of the situation.

There is the potential of revival. Hopefully this group focuses on the spiritual battle instead of dealing with these issues in a way that could cause tyranny. The solution for America is intense repentance, intercession and revival, not tyranny.

Do not let your anger at sin take control of your emotions and your behavior. If all you do is lash out and try to make people see the truth you are doing more harm than good. It will appear coming against homosexual marriage is more important than the preaching of the Gospel. No matter how much you may confront the deception of homosexual marriage you are not going to change the hearts of deceived individuals. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. If not careful you will bring persecution upon yourselves because of your overreaction and mishandling of the situation.

Be aware that there are those in your group that are talking about it is time for Christians to take over the government and they mean physically. There are those in your group that can do more damage to the Gospel than any other group if they are not careful. Satan desires to get your group into attacking instead of loving.
The battle to prevent homosexual marriage in America has been lost. At least for now. Accept it and move on to the most important matter-the salvation of souls. If a person gets truly born again they will walk away from homosexuality. Truth is there are multitudes more of Americans involved in fornication calling themselves Christians. They need to get truly saved or transformed.

In or next post we will take a look at Summary of Three Types of Christians

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