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god hates sexual sinHomosexual Marriage-Its God’s Fault-Part Two
God Hates Sexual Sin
The Scriptures make it clear that God hates sin. He especially hates sexual sin. So much so He brings harsh judgment upon those who willingly, on an ongoing basis live a life of sexual sin.

Why does God hate sexual sin so much? Because it mocks the gift God gave man and it mocks the relationship between God and man.
God gave man (and plants and animals) something that is unique to Him-the power to create. It is a gift. God gives man the ability to procreate through the means of sex. The difference between man and animals and plants is that God intended procreation through sex to be on the basis of love, not just to procreate. Love as defined by God, between a man and a woman. When individuals perform acts of sinful six they are mocking God’s gift. They are abusing His gift. They are perverting God’s gift. They are ‘dissing’ God.

Who is behind sinful sex? Satan. It is one of the best tools he has in his arsenal to mock God and sinners and ‘Christians’. So when a person is participating in sexual sin they are mocking God, dissing God, and cooperating with Satan. This is why God hates sexual sin.

God Hates Divorce
Scripture makes it clear that God hates divorce and Jesus said it is only because of the sinful heart of man that God even allows certain reasons for justifiable divorce. The main reasons God hates divorce is not because He hates divorce. It is because He loves marriage.

Marriage is the representation of the union of Christ with the Church. Sex within marriage is the presentation of the intimacy between Christ and the Church. Divorce mocks that union. Yet sinners are getting divorced for all kinds of unbiblical reasons and then getting remarried.

Homosexual marriage is a total mockery of the symbolism of biblical marriage.

Scripture makes it clear that God only recognizes remarriages that are based upon the divorced person having a biblical divorce. This article is not on this topic and all the ramifications, exceptions, etc. This statement is mainly to address the fact that unbiblical divorces and unbiblical marriages are taking place all the time in the Church and it is a mockery of marriage and the principles found in Scripture. It mocks the symbolism of biblical marriage.

Christians and Sexual Sin
I am getting closer to why it is God’s fault for the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage. Just bear with me. I am building a solid foundation for the basis of my statement.
Sexual sin among Christians is just as rampant as among sinners. That includes perverted sex that is a total mockery of God. We are talking about sexual sin among single and married Christians. Sexual sin among younger and older Christians. Many Christians try to find every reason to justify their sexual sin and their unbiblical divorces and remarriages. American pastors are condoning sexual sin and are involved themselves in sexual sin.

Anyone who addresses the topic of sexual sin and confronts sexual sin among the Body of Christ is called a legalist, judgmental, holier than thou. Instead of repentance among the Body of Christ there is a rebellion to the concept of repentance. Sadly, much of the American Church has embraced the mindset of the culture to the point of calling evil good and good evil. Many ‘Christians’ have embraced the concept that homosexuality is not sin and fornication among heterosexuals is not sin if the individuals love each other. Now Christian churches are condoning, and going as far as to encourage such behavior.

In many churches there could be a Christian committing adultery with someone in the church, the person gets divorced and then gets married in the same church with the person they were committing adultery with in the church. Sadly pastors over and over again are marrying couples who have had unbiblical divorces and never repented of their unbiblical divorce. They may even be the guilty party of an unbiblical divorce.

Sadly, what is taking place in the realm of the NEW sexual revolution (It is not new, Sodom and Gomorrah was doing it thousands of years ago, it was taking place in the Corinthians church) in the world is being adapted by the Christian Church. However, in the 1970’s when there was the sexual revolution there was also a Jesus Revolution. Individuals were repenting by the masses and becoming born again Christians. (Yes there were some distortions that occurred but overall there was an acknowledgment that sexual sin was wrong, not something to embrace.) Now instead of a Jesus Revolution and the Church being a light, the Church embraces darkness.

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In my next article we will speak on Christians Should be the Light.

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