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christians light onHomosexual Marriage-Its God’s Fault- Part Three
Christians Should Be a Light
Every Christian knows that Christians are to be light. Even sinners know this. So in the arena of sex and marriage Christians should be a light to a fallen world. Christians should be a light in the moral decline of America. Christians should be an example of how to live in sexual and moral purity. Christian marriages should be an example of how to do it God’s way. Christian singles should be an example of how to do it God’s way. Christians should be a light to show how you handle a bad marriage so that it can be restored.

Christian Singleness and Christian Marriage
Christian marriage and Christian singleness should show the world the benefit of doing things God’s way.

Singleness-No sex before marriage as something good and honorable. Showing the power of God to give strength to walk in sexual purity. Something that entices the world to want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ because they see the benefits of singlehood and knowing Christ.

Marriage-Christians staying married not because they are supposed to, or because they are putting up with each other, but because God gave them the grace and power to work through their issues. Yes, they maybe even got separated for a time to work out sin issues, but they ultimately became transformed by God to have a powerful testimony of the grace of God.
Instead what has taken place is overall the Body of Christ has nothing to offer the lost. They are no different than the lost and have become like the lost. This is why many homosexuals will argue that ‘you are not better than us’. We are more committed than you.’ (This is a blatant lie among the male homosexual community. Even male homosexuals who get ‘married’ acknowledge that most of them are not faithful. When you walk in blatant rebellion to God you lack self-control.)

How in the world can ‘Christians’ say practice abstinence when they are not practicing abstinence?

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