Racism in America–Part Eight 7

Racism in America-Part Eight
Solution Five-Expose It

One of the solutions of dealing with racism in America is to expose it when it occurs. In other words we need to do more than acknowledge there is still racism in America. We need to expose it when it is occurring. We need to confront racism head on. Not just wink at it. However, at the same time we need to make sure we are not calling things racist that are not. Currently in America there are too many people who are jumping on the racism bandwagon and are calling everything and everyone racist.

Sadly too many people, especially of color, have found it too easy to call people they disagree with racists, bigots, haters, etc. All that does is generate fuel for racism. All it does is feed the stereotype of people of color thinking there are nothing but victims. This name calling does nothing but harm to the preventing of racism. 

When racism is exposed for what it truly is, there must not be denial. It must be admitted and dealt with in a proper manner. There is no justification for racism. It is sin, it is wrong. The problem is both sides of this issue (people of color and Caucasian) continue to live in denial. For years it has been whites denying there is still racism. However, today there are many examples of prejudice and racism of people of color (many of the black race) against whites but some want to refuse to admit it.  For some blacks (and certainly other races that are not white) there is an ungodly pride about race. There is an overemphasis of race or skin color. This can lead to racist attitudes and behavior.

There is a hypocrisy many times among people of color. If a white person brags about being white (honestly most don’t and most could care less about skin color) they would most likely be called racist by other groups. (Many whites would also consider them being racist because again most whites do not brag about being white.) However, many non-white groups brag, boast, display, overemphasize that they are Black, Hispanic, etc. with little complaints from these groups that there is too much overemphasis on skin color or culture in their group.

Expose Racism-But Wait for the Facts
Racism needs to be exposed and dealt with, but it needs to be based upon facts. Not opinions, theories, maybes, etc. This does tremendous harm to others if it turns out there was not racism. False accusations not based upon facts will only generate reasons for some to have racism. In today’s environment in America there are those of color that are quick to jump on the bandwagon to blame everything on the basis of race. There are those who are making a profit (financially, politically) by playing the race card. This needs to stop. It is taking our nation backwards not forwards.

Confront Racism
When there are facts and proof of racism it needs to be addressed and dealt with in a healthy, timely manner. There is no justification for racism. Those guilty should be punished to teh full extent of the law.

Example of Race Baiting and of Racism
The situation in Ferguson, MO is an example of the wrong handling of racism. Based upon the U.S. Department of Justice, there have been obvious acts of racism in this city by police, government officials. It is a good thing that were was an investigation done in regards to the shooting. The investigation exonerated police officer Wilson but exposed corruption and racism in the city.

However, the investigation also exposed race baiting, jumping to conclusions before having the facts, assuming the Grand Jury was prejudice with no evidence of such. Many within the Black community determined that Wilson was guilty of unjustified homicide just because he was white and Michael Brown black. Because of this race baiting Wilson’s life was destroyed by lies and false accusations. There needs to be apologies by many but most likely will not come. Why? Because of their own racism.

The Dept of Justice determined conclusively that Michael Brown did not have his hands up. It was determined that those who said so were lying. Yet the “hands up” phrase became a movement. A movement based upon lies.

Just as racism should be exposed, race baiting needs to be exposed. Sadly there will be those who are people of color who will say the Dept of Justice ruling was wrong. They will totally ignore that the investigation was headed by a black Attorney General under a Black President who in the very beginning of this incident insinuated race was involved in the shooting.

Let’s all find balance in this issue and make decisions based upon facts.

Our next article will be on Police and Racism-The Solution.

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