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Modern Day Tragedies and Abortion

abortionModern Day Tragedies
How many readers believe what took place in Nazi, Germany was horrific? Six million Jews and five million other people groups were killed in concentration camps.

How many believe slavery in America was a horrific tragedy in America? There were over four million slaves in the South.

How many believe that sex trafficking is a modern day form of human slavery? In the U.S. there are over 100,000 minors involved in sex trafficking. Globally there are over 2.4 million victims of sex trafficking.

How many believe the abuse of animals is horrific and must be prevented? In America about 300,000 animals die a year from abuse.

All of these statistics are terrible. Hard to imagine. However, in each of these tragic situations the victims involved had some type of limited ability to escape from being a statistic. Even if they had little to no chance to escape alive they at least could make the choice to try and escape even if most likely they would die. The exception would be most abused animals did not have the ability to escape. Continue reading “Modern Day Tragedies and Abortion” »

Racism in America–Part Eight 7

Racism in America-Part Eight
Solution Five-Expose It

One of the solutions of dealing with racism in America is to expose it when it occurs. In other words we need to do more than acknowledge there is still racism in America. We need to expose it when it is occurring. We need to confront racism head on. Not just wink at it. However, at the same time we need to make sure we are not calling things racist that are not. Currently in America there are too many people who are jumping on the racism bandwagon and are calling everything and everyone racist.

Sadly too many people, especially of color, have found it too easy to call people they disagree with racists, bigots, haters, etc. All that does is generate fuel for racism. All it does is feed the stereotype of people of color thinking there are nothing but victims. This name calling does nothing but harm to the preventing of racism.  Continue reading “Racism in America–Part Eight” »