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Muslims-Something to Think About 1

islamMuslims-Something to Think About
With all that is taking place in the world by Islam terrorists, the overall silence by ‘Moderate Muslims’, and the ongoing statements that Islam is a religion of peace, we should make our readers aware that the majority of terrorism taking place in the world is by Muslims. It is not just terrorism that is being enacted by Muslim terrorists. It is Muslims moving into non-Muslim countries and trying to enact Sharia law in the countries they go into, and trying to have power within the government of the countries they go into while at the same time not renouncing the terrorism taking place in the name of Allah.

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I Love But

I Love…BUT I Love Jesus More Because….
More than Lifestyle Evangelism


Lifestyle Evangelism
There are multitudes of ways to share our faith. Lifestyle evangelism certainly has its place in regards to helping individuals to see the character of Christ. Scripture makes it clear that we should be shining lights in this world.
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