Racism in America–Part Four 5

acknowledgment racismRacism in America-Part Four
Solution One
Acknowledgement of Racism

In upcoming articles we will be talking about solutions to racism in America. It is going to take many solutions to solve such a large problem.

One of the first solutions to the racism problem in America is to acknowledge it exists. You cannot have a solution to a problem if you do not acknowledge there is a problem. Just because a person may not have experienced racism, not seen racism, and has not been racist does not eradicate the fact there is still racism in America. Thankfully there are individuals who are white or who are a minority that have grown up in areas of America where there has not been racism. However, I would argue that is not the case overall. It is the exception of the rule.

Some individuals do not believe there is racism, not because of facts, but because they just don’t want to accept there is racism. They have their head buried in the sand. They do not want to accept the fact that there are those of their race/culture who are racist. Normally it is whites saying “that was in the past, not now”. Or blacks or other non-white races that want to believe there is no racism in their culture towards whites, “it is only my response to the racism I experienced”. Both groups are in error, and their denial continues to breed an atmosphere for racism.

Denial of Racism by Whites
For white individuals to tell those of other skin color there is no longer racism (just because they personally are not racist) when those of non-white descent have personally experienced racism, only brings more damage to the victim of racism. It is as if they have been victimized again. It is as if the white person is telling the other person their experience was not real, that they are lying, or that they are deceived. However, it does have to be acknowledged that there are people who wear ‘victim badges’, or who have been tremendously scarred that can interpret situations inaccurately based upon past experiences. Not everything a person calls racism is racism.

Denial of Racism by Blacks
One of the challenges in America in regards to the racism issue among blacks and whites, is that many blacks have a hard time acknowledging the racism that comes from their own culture. They are so busy pointing out that racism still occurs and because of being tired of it, they ignore the racism towards whites by some blacks. Because of experiencing racism for years there are blacks that assume all white people are racist. That is just as unfair as a white person saying there is no more racism.
What many blacks fail to realize is that their racism towards whites hurts just as much as racism towards blacks. It is as if they have forgotten that the freedoms they have is because of whites. They seem to fail to realize it was ultimately non-blacks that stopped slavery, changed the laws of discrimination, segregation, enacted laws giving favor to minorities, etc. None of this could have occurred without the white vote.

Racism Among Blacks
The black culture unlike the white culture (overall) has a history of having racism, prejudice, hatred (whatever you would call it) towards other blacks. Evidence of this is African or Caribbean Blacks many times will not associate with African-American Blacks. There are blacks calling blacks too white because they do not have the gangster/ghetto mindset. There are blacks prejudice against successful blacks. There are black men who will not date black women just because they are black. If blacks cannot love and accept people of their own skin color, they will continue to fulfill stereotypes by whites, which breeds racism.

Favoritism Because of Skin Color
There are blacks who say whites have white-privilege just because they are white. Some mean in regards to employment, college, relationship with police, etc. To an extent that is true. Most whites never have to experience the ghetto, being pulled over by the police because they are white, etc. This ‘favoritism’ can occur and whites must acknowledge this. They are favored to not have experienced years of prejudice, slavery, being called monkeys, or nonhuman. (When speaking in regards to whites it needs to be acknowledged that people who are of Jewish descent have experienced more hatred, prejudice, racism, etc than any other people group. The hatred of Jews has been going on for thousands of years, not centuries.)
Blacks, other minorities, must acknowledge they also can have favoritism. To deny this would be to deny the facts. In many companies blacks and minorities get hired first just because they are black. Many blacks and minorities have been able to get scholarships, entrance into universities, etc just because of being a minority even if they had lower grades. That is favoritism.

Blacks and Police
It is the whole topic of blacks and police that has stirred up all the controversy about racism and that it still occurs. This is a topic in itself that we will address at a later time, but we cannot avoid it when we talk about the acknowledgment of racism.
Is there racism towards blacks by police? Absolutely! To deny this would be to deny the facts. However, it must be noted there are some statistics that black police are harder on black criminals that whites. So the prejudice is not just about whites against blacks.

In regards to blacks and police it must also be acknowledged that there are blacks who hate police just because they wear a uniform regardless of the color of their skin.
To show disrespect, hatred, bitterness towards a person of a certain skin color or race by police in America is absolutely wrong and evil. At the same time it is just as evil and wrong for blacks to hate police officers just because they wear a uniform. It is actually foolish because if there were not police there would be hundredfold more crimes and deaths in the inner city. The police in spite of their terrible errors at times who keep some semblance of order in the inner city.

Here is a challenge to whites and blacks (minorities). Will you acknowledge there is racism among all skin colors and cultures and still occurs in America? Will you acknowledge it is wrong and it is sin? Will you acknowledge that regardless of past experiences there is no justification for racism? Maybe reasons for it but no justification for it.

Let’s acknowledge there is racism still occurring in America and then find solutions.

In our next article we will be talking about Solution Two-Addressing sterotypes.

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