Racism in America–Part Three 6

oh god whyRacism in America-Part Three
Why is There Still Racism in America?

As a nation founded on biblical principles and all mean created equal with inalienable rights it is sad that we even have to address the subject of racism in America.

There are multitudes of reasons for racism stay in America. The truth is that because of some of these reasons there will always be some forms of racism in America. Nothing any person or group of people do to stop racism will eliminate racism in America. However, if the issues addressed in this article are addressed, confronted, and dealt with we all can certainly reduce racism in America. It should be stated that there is noi justification for racism.

Individuals Identifying Themselves on the Basis of the Color of Their Skin
There will continue to be racism in America as long as individuals base their identity and value upon the color of their skin. This type of identity is based upon pride. Pride does not bring unity, it always brings division. Pride based upon color of skin will always bring an atmosphere of seeing some people as second class citizens. It creates and us versus them mentality. That does not bring unity. It encourages racism, prejudice, bias, bigotry, hatred.

Identity based upon color of skin is totally contrary to what the Bible teaches. God Himself is color blind. He does not see people on the basis of the color of their skin.

The concept of people basing their identity and value upon the color of their skin is foolish. Not a single person determines their skin color. If there was such a thing as one race (skin color) is better than another, there could be no pride because you did not choose your skin color.

If we want to see rcism in Amderica lessened then our identiy and value cannot be based upon our skin color. That is a choice we make as individuals. You don’t like racism? Then stop identifying yourself by your skin color. As Christians our identity should be in Christ alone, not skin color.

Individuals Identifying Themselves on the Basis of Their Culture
This is similar to identifying oneself based upon skin color.

What makes America so great is the fact that we are nation made upon of many cultures, races, languages, skin colors, etc. It actually makes us very unique. Most nations in the world do not have the diversity that we do in America. That is a good thing. It actually is a representation of God’s desire to bring all peoples together.

The issue is not that we have diverse cultures in America. That alone does not encourage racism. The issue is when people of these cultures people become so identified with their culture they forget that they should see themselves as Americans first. If you choose to move to America to live in America as an American, then your main identity should be that you are American more than anything else. This would be true in regards to Christianity. Our idenity should be more in Christ than in the denomination or church we go to.
When a person thinks their culture/race/heritage is more important than being an American, it is pride raising it’s ugly head again. People start thinking their heritage is better than someone else’s heritage. This again breeds racism, prejudice, bias, bigotry, hatred.

Every culture represented in America has good traits and has bad traits. The problem with individuals and groups who identify themselves by their culture/heritage is that most of the time they only see the good traits and totally ignore, deny, or leseen the bad traits. When individuals from other cultures see this, they see hypocrisy. When they see the hypocrisy they start to make stereotypes. Stereotypes become summaries of groups of people and the danger is individuals are looked at based upon the stereotype. Talk about a breeding ground for racism.

A person does not determine where they are born so to take pride in their birthplace and heritage and to think they are better than another person because of where they were born is foolish pride.

It is great to feel good about your heritage and to want to share the good traits of your heritage. Again this is one of the things that makes America so great. Just don’t forget your American first so that your heritage, like skin color, does not create an atmosphere of pride. Again as Christians our main identity should be in Jesus alone.

As long as there are stereotypes of people (putting every person of a certain race, heritage, skin color, or region into the same category) there will be racism in America. Just a person comes from a certain background does not mean they match the stereotype. All of us are individuals.

One of the challegnes with stereotypes is that because stereotyping can be so wrong and damaging that some individuals totally ignore the reality that there are some truths in regards to stereotypes. Stereotypes could not exist, and keep on existing, if there were not some truth in them. The solution to the stereotype problem (which we will be talking about in depth in other articles) is to make sure you do not live according to the negative stereotypes.

Too many times individuals are offended by the stereotypes that people put them in but never accept the fact that their behavior continues to breed the stereotypes. If by the way a person is living they are fulfilling the negative stereotypes of their culture they are most likely going to experience some racism. At the same time if individuals only focus on the negative stereotpes of certain cultures they will lean towards racism.
To break the controlling power of stereotypes to breed racism, we most choose to not see all individuals of a culture fitting into a stereotype and we must make sure we are not living out the negative stereotype. It takes ownership by both groups.

Another problem with stereotypes is that what some may see as a negative quality of a certain stereotype others may see as a positive quality. Many times its all based upon feeling and perspectives, not truth, or based upon half truths.

If a person is part of a culture that is stereotyped as being lazy, don’t be lazy. If a person is part of a race that is seen as very prideful and deceptive, don’t be prideful and deceptive. If you know someone who is of a race that is stereotyped as playing the victim card, give a person of that a race a chance to show that is not them.

Once again the solution for Christians is to have their identity in Christ and who cares what the stereotype is-that is not me.

Indiiduals and Groups Make Careers and Money from Racism
The truth is there are groups of people who thrive off of the promotion of racism. If there was no racism their group would not exist. They promote negative stereotypes of other groups to defend their own racism and to show the racism (or what appears to be the racism) of other groups. Their motives are sinful, evil, and wrong. But they don’t care. There are religious groups that are racist.

Sadly, many with sincere motives join these groups not realizing they are supporting groups that are bigoted and racist. They refuse to see that more harm than good is coming from these groups. They put on blidners and chose to not see the evil side of the groups. They assume othershave the same pure motives as them.

The hypocrisy among these groups is blatant to outsiders but again people within the group do not see the hypocrisy. They are only hoping the group can right the wrongs.

Once again as Christians we need to have our identity in Christ, not in a certain organization.

Bitterness and Resentments
One of the main reasons for racism is because there are individuals who have been tremendously wounded by certain individuals of certain races and they include all people within that race as their enemy. Their pain, wounds, and scars are so overpowering they are not able to look beyond the skin color, or race of a person.

As sad as it is that many people have been the victim of racism, bitterness and resentments are obviously not the solution. Too lump all people together in the same category is very wrong. But unless individuals are willing to walk in forgiveness there will be racism.

Sadly there are those individuals who have bitterness and resentments based upon other people’s experience, not even their own. All they do is spread the racism of another and become more of the problem instead of the solution.

Victim Mentality
There are those who have been victims of racism and instead of receiving healing for the abuse they experienced they continue to relive it and continuously remind individuals of it. At some point there needs to be healing. There has to be a willingness for healing. Otherwise the victim mentality will just cause a person to continue to be a victim because they live life as a victim. It is as if they are wearing a big bulls eye on the shirt. However, in Christ you are not a victim, you are an overcomer.

Lack of Knowledge
Another reason for racism in America is because there are those who are not aware of racism because they have not been a victim of racism or seen racism so they have a hard time believing there is still racism. Or there are some that just have hopeful thinking-hoping there is no such thing as racism in America so they put on blinders.

Evil People
The truth is there are evil people in this world. There are people who find joy in being racist. They find power in it. Some will never repent of their racism and will actually go out of the way to justify their racism. This is why victims of racism should do their part to be part of the solution instead of the problem. They need to live above the negative stereotypes.

Spiritual Wickedness
There are spiritual forces that want to keep racism in America. They want America to be divided. When American citizens are in unity America is force to be reckoned. However when we are divided as a nation over many issues we loose power. When skin color, race, etc provides division, individuals that would normally unite in regards to moral and other issuesinstead dislike and hate each other and thus disunity. We as Christians need to be aware of the tactics of Satan and not become pawns of Satan.

Wrong Behavior
As long as certain people groups continue to use sinful means to overcome racism there will be racism. Why? Because their behavior is sin. Because their behavior feeds racism. Their behavior feeds the negative stereotypes. The ends never justify the means.

In our next article is titled, “Solution One-Acknowledgment of Racism“.

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