Racism in America–Part Two 8

racism head in holeIs there still racism in America?

In this series we will mainly focus on racism towards blacks because this is the main issue currently in America.

Racism Towards Blacks
Yes there is still racism in America and in every country in the world. As long as there is human beings there is going to be racism regardless of education, awareness, prayer, or any other means to stop racism. Why? Because this world is made up of sinful human beings who have biases and prejudices and many refuse to see the errors of their ways. In America we have seen even those who claim to be Christians can be racist (that is a whole other topic).
After talking to many sincere black individuals it is obvious that people of color (in this series we are addressing the current issue of racism towards blacks) at times are disliked, mistreated, profiled, and disadvantaged just because of their skin color and nothing else. It is obvious that in some areas police, landlords, employers, etc may have prejudices against blacks.  It is very sad that this still takes place in America. Some call this white privilege.-whites do not experience this to a large extent, At first as a white man I was offended by this phrase white privilege. I certainly have not lived a privileged life. My father and mother absolutely were not privileged.

White Privilege
What is meant by white privilege in the minds of sincere blacks is that a white person in most areas of America is not going to be immediately judged or treated a certain way just because of skin color alone. I started to question if blacks have some drawbacks in society was true but my friends shared several stories to prove it is true to an extent in most regions of America. As a white person I have to acknowledge the truth of these black individuals’ experiences. Their experiences are realities. Yes they can be reading things wrong at times. I am sure they are at times. But to just write off their experiences and to feel the need to deny there is no racism based upon skin color only wounds those who have already been wounded or mistreated just because they have a different color of skin. The truth is as a white person I will never really know what it is like to be a black person. (Of course a black person will never know what it is to be a white person.)

Even though I understand the concept of white privilege, I don’t totally agree with it. I agree with it in regards to the concept that white people are not judged the same way overall as blacks are just on the basis of skin color. But the truth of the matter is that over the years blacks (and others) have given many privileges just for being black. Favor when it comes to scholarships, employment, etc just because they are a minority (skin color). Yes to an extent they may have more obstacles to overcome, but even if they have not experienced racism, have not come from a bad environment they have privileges just because they are a minority. To deny this is to deny facts. The truth is a black person who wants to succeed at life in America has many privileges/opportunities.

Racism Towards Whites
Once we come to the understanding and accepting that there is still racism towards blacks in America we can start to look at some solutions. However, before we look at some solutions to racism towards blacks (and others) we need to address the topic of racism towards whites (and others).

I can personally attest to experiencing prejudice from blacks to me as a white person. Without even knowing me they have called me racist, prejudice, a bigot. They made assumptions just because of the color of my skin or because I have held them accountable just like I would anybody else. I have had them throw the race card at me.

Many of the current outspoken black leaders speak nothing but words of hatred and are obviously racist towards whites. This must be acknowledged by blacks just as much as whites have to acknowledge there is racism towards blacks.

In regards to racism towards whites I have seen this from many cultures and even those who call themselves Christians, pastors, Christian leaders. They have made their culture more important than Jesus Culture-the principles found in Scripture.

Racism is Not Just Based Upon Skin Color
I personally believe there is way too much emphasis put on skin color in regards to racism. Especially in today’s society. I do not believe most people are racist just because of the skin color of a person. Their racism many times is based upon their experience with a certain race. The issue is that people at times have had bad experiences with a certain race and they then have a prejudice against that race not based upon skin color but the experience. The skin color just makes it easy to lump people together.

Racism Among Blacks
In regards to the subject of racism it must be acknowledged that many blacks have prejudices against other blacks. This proves that racism is not just based upon skin color. Many times blacks that have recently come from African countries have a prejudice against African Americans who were born and raised in America. They say ‘You are not African, you are American”. (Which by the way is true in reality.) Blacks from the Caribbean like to differentiate themselves from others with black sin.

There are blacks that hate blacks from certain regions of America. Or they hate blacks from the ghetto or the wealthy areas of America. There are blacks who hate blacks just because they may be conservative. There are blacks telling other blacks they are ‘too white’. As long as blacks cannot even love their own people of their own skin color they are not going to be very effective at stopping racism. They must stop the racism amongst their own people. Many black leaders promote racism among blacks and towards whites.Rarely do you see whites having prejudice against whites jsut because they are white.

Identity Based Upon Color of Skin or Culture
As long as people are looking to their skin color or culture as their main identity there will be racism. A person’s identity should never be based upon their skin color. Skin color absolutely does not determine a person’s worth.

One of the problems in our American society is too many times minorities identify themselves not as Americans but Americans and their culture. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the good characteristics of one’s culture/heritage. But being an American should be more important than one’s skin color, or national origin. We are Americans at the end of the day.
You don’t hear most white Americans calling themselves anything other than American. (Yes there are some whites that do identify themselves by their heritage but not overall compared to other people groups.) There is not an overemphasis by whites to describe themselves by the country they come from, their heritage, or their skin color. Man whites have come from other parts of the world, from every continent. There is no such phrase as White American, unless maybe by white racists, white supremacists. Most whites do not describe themselves as Polish American, Italian American, Swedish American, or British American? Should whites that come from Africa call themselves White Africans? Or if from Spain, White Spanish? Or from the Philippines, White Filipino?

Division Based Upon Skin Color or Heritage
It is obvious that at various times in America people groups were given titles as a means to separate groups of people. This many times was done not out of convenience but out of prejudice. These titles were not always based upon skin color because it has happened among various white people groups. The Swedes, the Norwegians, the Jews, the Italians, etc.

When Americans put more of an emphasis upon their heritage/culture than they are American, there will be Americans that dislike the overemphasis. It starts to appear that being American is not the most important thing. The question must then be asked ‘why are you living in America if being American is not more important than the race you happen to be?’

When individuals start to make their skin color and/or heritage more important than being American there will be a tendency for whites to sense that the other cultures think they are better than whites. Sayings like Black Pride, Asian Pride, Native American Pride, etc can give the wrong message. Yes, a person can be proud of their heritage. Yes, because of wrongs in the past individuals may feel the need to unite together. But, it also is a means to bring division instead of unity. You don’t overall hear from whites, White Pride. In fact if whites started saying this they would immediately be name calling-bigots, racists, think whites are better, etc.

No Such Thing As Race
In reality the whole concept of race is made up by man. There is in reality only one race-human race. Not black race, white race, Hispanic race. It is human race. In God’s eyes there is only one race-human beings. In fact the New Testament teaches we are not to separate people by their skin color, sex, heritage, age, etc. We are all one. If we understood this clearly, there would not be any such thing as racism.

Our next topic “Why is There Still Racism in America?“.

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