Racism in America-Part One 7

racism in AmericaRacism in America
The Solution-Part One

This is a series on Racism in America and the Solution. It is specifically in regards to the racism of whites towards blacks and blacks towards whites. I am using the phrase blacks intentionally instead of African-American for a reason. Racism towards blacks is based upon their skin color, not their heritage. (As a side note there is much racism within the black culture. Many born and raised in Africa or the Caribbean do not want to be ‘lumped in’ with the blacks of America).

The first thing I should do is share my own personal heritage. I am a Caucasian (white) man. Thus I will never know personally what it means to be black. BUT, that does not mean I am ignorant about racism or the black culture. I have spoken to multitudes of black individuals over the years and have heard their stories. Also I recently have spoken to different black individuals specifically in regards to what is taking place in America currently. Plus as a white man I do know about racism towards whites by blacks. I have experienced some of this personally and do know my father’s experience. My father grew up in St. Louis, Missouri as a Jewish boy who did not have a father in a black neighborhood. He experienced black on white racism. He grew up racist.

My father’s story is not my story and I have refused to base my opinions upon his experiences. I refuse to also get caught up in the racism towards Jewish people even though I have Jewish heritage. My identity is not in my race, skin color, sex, etc. My identity is in Christ alone. In reality that is ultimately the answer to the racism problem in America. If every person had their identity in Christ most racism would be gone. I have black friends and we can joke all day about all the various stereostypes and not be offended. Of course the problem is many do not have their identity in Christ alone, and there are Christians that are racist. But then again can a true Christian be racist? But that is another topic.

I am not saying that people should ignore their heritage or the culture that represents their heritage. There is nothing wrong with diversity that comes from heritage and culture, it is a good thing. That is unless there are characteristics of the culture that are unhealthy or directly against the principles of Scripture. There is what I would call culture and Jesus Culture. Jesus Culture is actions, behaviors, attitudes that line up with principles taught in Scripture. If there are certain characteristics of a person’s culture that are in conflict with Scripture I believe as a Christian they must reject that aspect of their culture and be lined up with Jesus Culture.

I am currently a pastor of a church that certainly supports diversity. We have an English speaking congregation, Samoan speaking congregation, Korean speaking congregation, ‘recovery speaking’ congregation, and in the past a Spanish speaking congregation, a Nepalese speaking congregation, and a deaf congregation. So, as I address the topic of racism is not on the basis of me believing that the answer to the racism problem is for everyone to be white.

I am going to be sharing perspectives that will not be politically correct, will be disturbing at times to both whites and blacks, and will be seen by some as racist, bigoted, etc because of their own personal issues. Or because even though I am trying to be balanced in my approach, I am a White man who has not been in the skin of others and some of my words may sound racist. Also, to be quite honest, I have had bad experiences with various races that have affected me. At times I may write out of my experiences that may be tainted. I would be the first to acknowledge I have some prejudice in me. I would argue we all do and if not we are most likely lying.  However, at the end of the day I am accountable to God, not man. What matters to me is not the opinion of man, but God. To the best of my ability I am trying to be a spokesperson for God and the principles found in His Word and not swayed by my experiences.

My next post on this topic will be, “Is There Still Racism in America?“.

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