Three Types of Pride-President Obama

Good Pride, Foolish Pride, Evil Pride
(This was originally written in December 2013 and has been updated.)

Let’s take a note at the concept of pride. As a general concept we believe there are three types of pride:
Good (Healthy) Pride-This type of pride that is based on feeling good and doing good for good motives.
Foolish Pride-This type of pride may come from insecurities, wounds, and may not even be known by the person.
Evil pride-This type of pride has wrong motives and is the intentional ‘puffing up of oneself’.
Good Pride-An example of good pride is the type of pride where a person takes ownership for the work they do and are not looking for approval, acceptance, or praise. They do what they do because they think it is the right thing to do. They worked hard at work following all the guidelines and at the end of the day they feel a sense of well-being for a job done well. They accept constructive criticism. Their motives are pure.

Foolish Pride-A person with foolish pride may have some emotional wounds or scars and they try to feel better about themselves by getting praise and approval from people. They may be good people overall but have character defects. They can be foolish because they can expect that if they do what is good, right that they will get approval. When they don’t get it, they may try to impress more or just give up. Their motives can turn out bad. If they are not careful they can get into Evil Pride. These individuals can at times be aware they are operating out of pride.

Evil Pride-Evil pride is when a person has wrong motives and gets into wrong behavior. This type of person will lie, deceive, and manipulate to get acceptance from others. They are normally people who have experienced much wounding. The problem for them is that they can become so self-focused that they do not care how what they do may be harmful. It is all about them. They can get to the point they are deceived themselves. They refuse correction and because of this their pride can lead down a road of destruction for themselves and others. They have gone beyond being foolish, they have become evil.

Pride and Public Office
The problem for people in public office is that if they do not address the pride issue they can become very foolish and destructive. Many individuals enter into public office to fill their ego. That is foolish. But even more foolish is when you start believing and making decisions based upon what others say to the point you believe what people say even if they are wrong. The more praise you get the more you enjoy being on the pedestal even if it is evident the pedestal is collapsing.

President Obama and Evil Pride
I believe President Obama is closely if not already at the point of evil pride. It would make sense with his childhood he may have some wounds and scars. It may be having sincere motives he got involved in public life to make a difference-good motives. However, more and more it appears that he is coming to a place of deception or actual evilness.

The evidence of evil pride in the life of President Obama is all the scandals, cover-ups, of his Administration. It should be noted that maybe he has not been behind some of the scandals but there certainly has been Administration officials associated with the scandals and Obama and his Administration has not been cooperative in most of the scandals. That is a sign of evil pride.
Attorney General Erich Holder, who just resigned, certainly was not cooperative with Congress and did his best to block all investigations instead of being the one investigating if criminal activity had taken place in the White House or other government agencies.

Many argue we do not know if the following were scandals and cover-ups. The reason we do not know is the evidence that there were cover-ups.
Scandals and cover-ups: Blatant lies about Obamacare, Fast & Furious, VA Hospitals, IRS, Benghazi, trading one soldier for terrorists, lying about the fast growth of ISIS, possibly supplying weapons to terrorists, lying about not his idea to remove all troops from Iraq, Secret Service and prostitutes, Secret Service failures to protect President and White House, cover-up Dept of State volunteer having a prostitute.

Latest Sign of Evil Pride
It is clear Congress does not want amnesty for immigrants. Congress is elected by the American public. Thus a majority of Americans do not want amnesty for immigrants.
Yet Obama states that he will write an executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. He said he will bypass Congress, thus bypass the will of the people. That is a blatant sign of someone who is controlled by evil pride.

Evil pride in politics always has the potential of raising up a dictator. If a leader with evil pride surrounds himself with others with evil pride, there is a good chance that he can become a dictator. Especially if people who can stop this from happening do nothing.

Is it possible with our Constitution for a President to become a dictator? No and Yes. No our Constitution with its checks and balances prevents such a thing from happening. But if Congress refuses to hold the President in check and does not impeach an out of control President burdened by lies, scandals, and cover-ups, the President can certainly become a dictator. The political party that is in control of Congress at the time that does nothing is guilty of allwowng the President to become a dictator.The American citizens who do not hold Congress accountability to follow the Constitution are the blame.

Why this Article?
I am called me to be a Watchman on the Wall. I am to blow the trumpet of warning. It is up to individuals what they do with the warning. I do not claim to be a prophet and thus do not claim that my perspective is coming from God. I am only sharing what I feel is true.

Richard D. Dover

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