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Genesis Project-Rape for Profit Film

Genesis Project
Rape for Profit Film

The Genesis Project is a ministry that offers hope for a new life for
survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in the greater Seattle area.  They offer comprehensive services centered on
Jesus Christ and His love for His lost daughters.  A King County Sheriff’s deputy (Andy Conner) founded the
program in August of 2011 after God moved his heart to reach out to women he
was seeing daily on the streets of Seattle. 
The project has served 141 young women to date, immediately offering the
overwhelming love of Christ and practical steps to complete restoration. Visit their website at www.gpseattle.net.

The fact that law enforcement is looking at prostitution differently is a great thing. More and more they are realizing that prostitution is not a victimless crime and they are focusing on the pimps instead of the prostitutes. At least in Seatac and Des Moines, and other law enforcement agencies.

I personally feel so strong about this issue that I am committing several radio shows to the topic and helping to financially support The Genesis Project. I have gotten to know Deputy Andy Conner and he is a very committed Christian who has a passion to help victims of sex trafficking.

It should be noted it is not just women who are being abused and taken advantage of by pimps and others. There are young men because of the acceptance of homosexuality that are being sold out.

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