Pray31-A Month of Prayer for America

Pray 31 Pray for AmericaPray 31
A Month of Prayer for America

The most important thing we as Christian Americans can do isPray for America. Prayer 31 is a call for One Million people to pray for America in the month of October 2014. Prayer for America is very critical with all that is taking place in this world and the threat of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islam to America. The month of October is critical because in November we have elections throughout America.

Pray31 is based upon a simple plan: 31 days of focused prayer for America. The U.S. Prayer Atlas is a guide used to help individuals to take a few minutes every day praying for that day’s requests. By the end of the 31 days, individuals will have prayed across America for every U.S. State and Territory. 

The Pray 31 Daily Prayer Plan includes these prayer priorities for each state:

  • Pray for the leaders of the state
  • Pray for the churches of the state
  • Pray for the Christians of the state

Included in the Pray31 Daily Prayer Plan is Scripture Verses and Inspiring Quotations. Pray31 Daily Prayer Plan only requires 5 minutes of prayer.

For more information and to order your own Pray31 Daily Prayer Guide go to

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Revelation 1:10-20

Revelation 1:10-20
10  I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet,
Lord’s Day: Man does not decide which day is the Lord’s Day. The Lord, God decides. What day did He call His? The Sabbath Day, seventh day of week. God is the author of the Lord Day and only He can change it. No evidence that He changed it. (We will be posting a biblcial study on the Lord’s Day and link it here later.)

Sound of trumpet: To fix his attention, an alarm
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