Series on the Book of Revelation

I am doing a series on the book of Revelation. This series will take a long time to go through the book of Revelation because we are going to be looking at every single verse in Revelation. The format will be listing the verse and commentary after the verse.
There are of course verses and passages in Revelation that Bible scholars do not agree in regards to the interpretation. As much as possible in our commentary we will share the various interpretations and why we agree with certain interpretations. I personally believe most Bible teachers refuse to consider any other interpretation other than theirs. I believe that is not sincere. is prideful, and can even be dangerous. No one person or organization has all truth. There are portions of Scripture, especially in Revelation, that are not as black and white as some seem to make them. We should acknowledge there are sincere, God loving, Greek scholars who know more than most of us and they are not able to agree on the interpretation of some passages of Scripture. Thus we should look at all the various interpretations and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us personally what is true. At times there may be truth in both interpretations.

I should also say that at times there are passages that are very clear in what they mean and insincere individuals refuse to acknowledge what the passage is saying because it contradicts their doctrinal belief system. The verse fits outside their doctrinal box so they either twist it or ignore it as if it did not exist. We will not do this in this Bible Study. Proper Bible study requires reading verses in context, allow Scrupture to define Scripture, considering culture, considering when passage was written, considering whom the author was, etc. There is no room for making verses fit our personal doctrine.

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