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Muslims-Introduction 1

introduction islam muslimMuslims-Introduction
This series is on reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality is that it is going to be almost impossible to reach committed Jihadist Muslims. Not impossible but almost impossible. Most likely it is going to take a converted Muslim to reach them unless God supernaturally does something. So this series is going to be directed towards reaching those who are ‘moderate Muslims’.

Our Goal
We want to make it clear that this series purpose is not to attack individuals. Its goal is to equip Christians with the ability to confront the false teachings of Islam, not individuals. As Christians we are to love all people regardless of their belief system. We are to show them respect. Our goal is to present truth in love, not to convert individuals-that is the job of the Holy Spirit. We are to be vessels of honor used by God to help individuals to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Muslims-Introduction” »

Richard D. Dover-Radio Host of There is Hope Radio

There is Hope RadioIn March 2010 I started the radio ministry of There is Hope Radio. There is Hope Radio is a live talk show that discusses the topics of Addiction & Recovery. The show broadcasts live every Saturday at 7:30pm on KGNW 820AM in Seattle, WA. The show can be listened to live on the Internet by going to www.kgnw.com and clicking on the Listen Live link at 7:30pm Pacific Time. Continue reading “Richard D. Dover-Radio Host of There is Hope Radio” »

Richard D. Dover-Executive Director of Fairhaven House

Fairhaven HouseIn October 2009 I became the Program Director of Fairhaven House. In 2010 I became the President of the non-profit organization.

Fairhaven House is a faith based, non-profit, low income, sober housing ministry with houses in Seatac, Burien, and White Center area of Puget Sound, Washington. When the houses are full we provide Christian discipleship and low income housing for 30 men. Continue reading “Richard D. Dover-Executive Director of Fairhaven House” »