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There is Hope RadioIn March 2010 I started the radio ministry of There is Hope Radio. There is Hope Radio is a live talk show that discusses the topics of Addiction & Recovery. The show broadcasts live every Saturday at 10pm on KGNW 820AM in Seattle, WA. The show can be listened to live on the Internet by going to and clicking on the Listen Live link at 10pm Pacific Time. Richard & Carmi DoverRadio Hosts Richard & Carmi Dover
I am the radio host of the show each week and at times my wife also hosts the show with me. Both of us have worked with individuals who have addictions for many years. We share insights we have gained over the years. Especially the insights we have learned since being involved with Fairhaven House.

It becomes obvious when you tune into the show that we have a passion to help our listeners to overcome their addictions and to give hope to families who have loved ones with addictions.


  • Interactive talk, live interviews with those who are recovering or have beat addictions, interviews with alcohol and drug counselors, discussion/commentary on recovery topics, book reviews on suggested reading. The focus is to provide hope to the hopeless.
  • Share principles and concepts in regards to what works, and what does not work, in addiction recovery.
  • Discuss the 12-Steps in a Christian perspective.
  • Highlight ministry/churches involved in recovery ministry.

Changed LivesThrough There is Hope Radio we have a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people (read testimonials). We are able to bring hope to family Hope for the Hopelessmembers that have loved ones who are addicted to drugs, in jail, prison, or homeless. We are able to bring hope to those who desire to be set free from addictions. We are able to be a tool used by God to help others to see that they have an addiction and need to be set free.

There is the potential to help individuals to live instead of die in the midst of addiction. Someone could tune in at the right time and choose to live instead of die.

Through There is Hope Radio we can help individuals to get into detox, treatment, into transitional housing, into a church, and to become a servant of God instead of a servant to addictions.

Make a DifferenceSupport There is Hope Radio
If you believe in the ministry of There is Hope Radio we could use your support. Would you pray for this ministry on a regular basis? Your prayers can determine who listens to the show and receives a message of hope. Your financial donation helps us to continue broadcasting a message of hope.
Click Here to learn how you can support There is Hope Radio through prayer, a donation, or becoming an advertiser on There is Hope Radio.

If you know someone who needs help in overcoming an addiction, go to our ministry Christian Addiction Intervention. If you know someone who needs clean & sober housing in the Seattle, WA area, check out Fairhaven House.

Keep Updated on There is Hope Radio
Go to to see what the next broadcast is going to be about, to listen to previous shows, and to tune into There is Hope Internet Radio.

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