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Movie Awakenings-Addiction & Recovery

Awakenings-Addiction & Recovery

For around the twentieth time I have watched the movie Awakenings with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Needless to say I love the movie. Normally I watch it when I am getting burned out on ministry, discouraged, starting to get a hard heart, etc. (Oh no I am revealing who I am if I have watched the movie around 20 times in 20 years.) However this time I watched the movie with the men at Fairhaven House, our clean & sober homes. We used it for a time of entertainment and as a teaching tool. The movie makes you laugh, cry, think, etc. I absolutely love it.

If you have not seen the movie it is a true story about several people who at an early age had a disease and they became catatonic. They have been put into a mental hospital. The movie centers around one of the patients named Leonard (Robert De Niro) and the neurosurgeon (Robin Williams). The neurosurgeon (Dr. Sayer in the movie) decided to try a medication to see if he could ‘wake’ Leonard up.

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