Love Languages-Part Four Receiving God’s Love

Love Languages-Part Four
Receiving God’s Love

In his book, The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman describes that are basically five ways people express or receive love. Love is expressed by:
Words of Appreciation
Acts of Service
Gift Giving
Quality Time
Physical Touch

In the previous nugget we talked about how God expresses His love through the various love languages listed above. For many of us there are times that we wonder if God loves us or if He is with us. This normally occurs when we are going through a rough time. Or maybe we have fallen into sin and not sure if God forgives us. During these times it makes sense that we may not feel as if God loves us (even though nothing can separate us from His love). However, maybe some times we do not experience God’s love because we only interpret love in one language when He offers love in at least five languages. As we learn to receive God’s love through all the five languages we will be able to receive love in a greater way from others. We will also be more able to share love with others.Words of Appreciation
Some look at the judgments of God and not at the mercy, grace, and forgiveness of God. Throughout the Bible there are promises and words of love from our Heavenly Father. He also shows love to us through the words of encouragement from others. Let’s not be too quick in ‘writing off’ the compliments of others, they may be instilled by Jesus Himself.

Acts of Service
There are times the Lord puts it on the hearts of people to serve and minister to us. We may have a special need and someone is there just at the right time. We may at times consider these times as coincidences when they are really divine appointments. A coincidence is when God does something and He does not get the glory for it.

When our car gets a little better gas mileage, the bargain at the store, a gift from a friend, an unexpectant check in the mail are all ways that God can express His love to us through gifts.

Quality Time
Have you had any of those times when reading the Bible comes alive, a worship service has a special meaning, your prayer time seems fruitful, a friend is there when you need them? These are evidences that the Lord enjoys spending time with you.

Physical Touch
Have you ever experienced the presence of the Lord in a special way? That is God ‘touching you’. It is Him loving on you. Did a hug come from a friend just at the right moment? Thank them for showing God’s love to you.

Missing God’s Love
Do you feel like God does not love you? I have two challenges for you:

Make sure you are not limiting on how you see God’s love. Be willing to be loved in more than one love language. Be willing to see His love through others.

Are you a ‘touchy’ person? Go boldly in faith before the throne of grace and ask the Father to pour out His presence to you. You have a financial need? Let the Father know so He can pour out a blessing from heaven.

As we understand God’s love, we can then receive love from others and give love. In the next nugget we will talk about receiving and giving love to others.

If you would like to get a copy of The Five Love Languages, for a good price, go here.
(The concept of applying the Five Love Languages to our relationship with God is not in the book by Gary Chapman).

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