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Radical Individualism-Part Five, Unity-Introduction

Radical Individualism-Part Five

John 17:23
I in them, and Thou in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, that the world may know that Thou didst send Me, and didst love them, even as Thou didst love Me.

Ephesians 4:3
being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Ephesians 4:13
until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fulness of Christ.

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Radical Individualism-Part Four, Radical Individualistic Ministries

Radical Individualism-Part Four
Radical Individualistic Ministries

Just as there are Radically Individualistic people, there can be Radically Individualistic ministries. We are not talking about a ministry that has a specific vision and mission and is staying focused on what God has given them to do. This is a good thing. God calls each ministry to have a unique way of fulfilling His desires.

There may be several churches lead by the Holy Spirit to reach a certain group of unsaved people in a certain area, in a specific manner. Each of the churches will have a unique way of reaching the lost. With a variety of churches, a variety of people will be reached. The danger is when the program, the mission, or the vision becomes more important than the people the church is trying to reach. What is worse is when a territorial spirit rises up in the church-"this is our turf, so stay away from our people". "We have been sowing seeds into people’s lives for years, and we don’t want anybody else reaping the harvest". "Our way of ministering is the only right way." "Your church is not in our denomination, so we will not work with you to reach the lost". Of course, most of the time this is never said, but the actions of the Radically Individualistic Ministries represent these statements.

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Radical Individualism-Part Three, Why Does It Happen?

Radical Individualism-Part Three
Why Does It Happen?

In this nugget we will discuss why a person may walk in Radical Individualism. Not every individual that is walking in Radical Individualism is necessarily walking in sin. Jesus, in a sense, was Radically Individualistic and He did not walk in sin. Because of situations and circumstances in some churches, a person has no choice but to walk in Radical Individualism if they are going to accomplish the will of God in their own life. The key is to walk in Radical Individualism in humbleness and the mind of Christ. And to ask the Lord if He has you to be some place else where you can walk in unity with other brethren. Even though being Radically Individualistic in itself may not be sinful, pride, divisiveness, haughtiness, and rebellion are sinful.

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Radical Individualism-Part Two, The Good and the Bad

Radical Individualism-Part Two
The Good and The Bad

We need to make it clear that there is a difference between being individualistic and being radically individualistic. There is also a difference between being radical and radically individualistic.

The Good

Being individualistic in the sense of not just doing what the crowd does, is a good thing. Being individualistic in the sense of being who God created you to be is good. There is nothing wrong in not being a ‘robot’ or a ‘yes man’. It is good to set boundaries, define goals, and let no one persuade you to change the course God has given you. It is a sign of maturity to be focused and not swayed by others. God is looking for Christians who are God pleasers instead of people pleasers. Jesus does not desire ‘cookie cutter’ Christians. He made each of us as individuals with unique gifts and talents.

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Radical Individualism-Part One, Introduction

Radical Individualism-Part One

In this new set of nuggets we are going to cover the topic of Radical Individualism.

What is Radical Individualism?
The good and bad points of Radical Individualism.

Why does Radical Individualism happen in the Church?

Radical Individualism in the Body of Christ.
The power of the Church when Radical Individualism disappears and is replaced with Spirit-led Radical Unity.

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Immature Christians-Part Six, Lone Ranger

Lone Rangers

Being an immature Christian has nothing to do with how long a person has been a Christian. There are those who have been a Christian for years but they still are immature in their Christian walk. An example of this is what we call Lone Rangers. Lone Rangers are Christians who refuse to have accountability in their life. They are not receptive to godly counsel. They ‘have arrived’.

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Immature Christians-Part Six, Believer or Disciple?

Immature Christians-Part Six
Believer or Disciple

There are many individuals that would call themselves Christians because they have accepted Jesus as their Savior. However, Scripture teaches that Jesus must be more than our Savior, He must be our Lord. There are those who have not only accepted Jesus as their Savior, but they have also made Jesus as Lord of their life.
Romans 10:9
that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

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Immature Christians-Part Five, Being an Adult

Immature Christians-Part Five
Being an Adult

In the last several nuggets we have spoken on individuals being immature in their walk with God. Maybe as you have read these nuggets God has revealed to you some areas of your life where you have lived as an immature Christian. We want to remind you that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. God is not the author of shame. There is no value in condemning yourself. Instead, ask God to help you to grow in Jesus and He will give you the ability to walk as a mature Christian-to be an adult.

In our last nugget we said it is time to risk it for God. To do whatever God has called you to do. To be whatever God has called you to be. One of the things God calls us to be is a mature Christian. As a mature Christian we will have a strong desire to follow the will of God and to obey His Word. One of the things that God requires of us is to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple them.

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Immature Christians-Part Four, Get the Training Wheels Off

Immature Christians-Part Four
Get the Training Wheels Off

When children are young they are given tricycles to ride. We all know that they are given tricycles when they are young because their balance is not very good. When children get older their parents encourage them to ride a bicycle with training wheels. Then there comes a point when the child is feeling brave and they want to ride their bicycle without the training wheels. They become determined to do it. At first they may fall and get a skinned knee. They don’t care. They are willing to risk injury just so they can become a "big boy" or "big girl".

It is time for Christians to ‘get off the training wheels’. What am I talking about? RISK, RISK, RISK. It’s time for Christians to get out of their comfort zone. It’s time to do whatever God is telling you to do to change. It’s time to do whatever it takes to be free from ‘the sin that so easily entangles you’ that Apostle Paul talks about.

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Immature Christians-Part Three, Taking Off the Diapers

Immature Christians-Part Three
Taking Off the Diapers

We want to remind you that when we are speaking about immature Christians we are not talking about those who have just become Christians. It is obvious that they will be immature. We are talking about individuals who have been Christians for years, but act as if they are still bay Christians.

Potty Trained
After a baby is taken off the bottle, they are potty trained. They are taught to not mess all over.

It is time for immature Christians to stop strewing their ‘mess’ all over. We are talking about Christians who walk around with a great amount of emotional baggage. They start to have an odor. It gets old.

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