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March 11 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

Numbers 15:17-16:40
Numbers 15:17-21
Principle of giving God the first fruits

Numbers 15:30
Those who brazenly violate God’s law were set apart from the community-they were cut off. Why? So that their sinful rebellion would not ‘infect’ the nation. At times a church may have to excommunicate someone whose rebellions is infecting the church.

Numbers 15:32-36
A person working on the Sabbath was stoned to death. This was the same punishment as one would receive for disobeying their parents. Why is it as Christians we take the Sabbath so lightly? Did God do away with one of His commandments? Did God change the Sabbath? He is the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Numbers 15:37-41
The tassels were to remind the people of the Ten Commandments. The fourth commandment is the only commandment that God says to remember. However, it is obvious that He wanted all the commandments to be remembered. So why did He emphasize to remember the fourth commandment? Because He knew it would be easy for man to forget it.

Numbers 16:1-40
You will want to read this passage, a movie could be made off of it. God will not put with rebellion and He will defend His faithful servants. Be aware, ‘do not touch God’s anointed’. Notice in this passage how Moses intercedes for the innocent and prays for God’s judgment on the wicked.

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