March 9 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

This is a long devotional because there is some good meat.

Numbers 11:24-13:33
Numbers 11:24-29
God provided Moses co-laborers that were filled with the Spirit of God.
vs 26-29 We should not be jealous of people having the gifts of God. Joshua was showing his immaturity.

Numbers 11:31-35
God provided the quails but still judged them for their grumbling spirit.

Numbers 12:1-16
Miriam and Aaron were suppose to be a support to Moses, instead they became prideful and judgmental. God made it clear to them that Moses was His appointed man. Why did God take such a strong stand for Moses? Because Moses was humble and did not defend himself.

Numbers 13:1-33
vs 23-24 They took evidence of how fruitful the land was that they went into.
vs 27 The men proclaimed that the land was fruitful.
vs 28 Even though the land was fruitful and blessed, it was a land of fortified cities and giants.
vs 30 Even though Caleb had seen the fortified cities and giants he was determined that they could conquer the land. God had said He would give them a promised land-it was obvious that this was the land.
vs 31-33 The other men were not focused on God being their strength, so they were filled with fear and spread the fear to the nation of Israel. Their fear drove them to the point of lying. They said they were see as grasshoppers in the people’s eyes. Is this true? They were spies, they were hiding, the people did not see them. The people did not talk to them. They made this up to justify their fear. What if they had been controlled by God’s Spirit instead of the spirit of fear?

Mark 14:22-52
Mark 14:27-31
Most of the time we focus on what Peter and what Jesus said to Peter, but notice vs 31, it says ‘they all were saying the same thing’. All of the disciples said they would forsake him.

Mark 14:33
Jesus took Peter, James, John with him. He had also brought them up to the mountain where Moses and Elijah had appeared. It is obvious that Jesus was closer to these three. Some say God has no favorites. In a sense that is true, but God is closer to those who are closer to Him.
Do you want the favor of God, then get close to God. Say yes when He asks you to do something.

Mark 14:37-42
All the disciples fell asleep, even Peter, James, and John. Even our closest friends will fall short at times. It is clear that even now none of the disciples had a clue how serious the moment was for them. May we not be ‘lazy’ in the moments that God gives us.
The disciples say they will not abandon Jesus, but immediately after saying that, they abandon Him by not praying for Him and themselves. What if they had earnestly prayed? Would they have been willing to go to court with Him to testify on His behalf.
Some would argue it would not have matter, Jesus would have still been crucified. That is true. But they would have had the peace of mind that they were willing to stand for their Lord.
There are some things that are going to happen no matter what we do, but at least we can say we did our best-there is true peace in that.
Instead of hiding when Jesus was crucified they would have ran around telling everyone that Jesus is going to rise up from the grave.

Mark 14:47-50
The disciple used a sword. Sounds like he was brave. Was he brave or foolish? If he was brave, why does it say they all fled? The disciple was brave for the moment, but we need to be brave for a lifetime.

Mark 14:51-52
Why was this put in Scripture? What was the significance? Was it one of the disciples?

Psalm 52:1-9
When you are in the midst of a battle do you trust in God or do you trust in your own efforts, your own way of dealing with conflict? Do you trust in God or in people, places, things?
Do you trust in God or run to people for help, go to unhealthy places for comfort, or run to a substance to avoid pain?
vs 9, When we trust in God, He will do what needs to be done to protect us.

Proverbs 11:1-3
Are you walking in integrity? Are you walking in humbleness?

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