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March 9 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

This is a long devotional because there is some good meat.

Numbers 11:24-13:33
Numbers 11:24-29
God provided Moses co-laborers that were filled with the Spirit of God.
vs 26-29 We should not be jealous of people having the gifts of God. Joshua was showing his immaturity.

Numbers 11:31-35
God provided the quails but still judged them for their grumbling spirit.

Numbers 12:1-16
Miriam and Aaron were suppose to be a support to Moses, instead they became prideful and judgmental. God made it clear to them that Moses was His appointed man. Why did God take such a strong stand for Moses? Because Moses was humble and did not defend himself.

Numbers 13:1-33
vs 23-24 They took evidence of how fruitful the land was that they went into.
vs 27 The men proclaimed that the land was fruitful.
vs 28 Even though the land was fruitful and blessed, it was a land of fortified cities and giants.
vs 30 Even though Caleb had seen the fortified cities and giants he was determined that they could conquer the land. God had said He would give them a promised land-it was obvious that this was the land.
vs 31-33 The other men were not focused on God being their strength, so they were filled with fear and spread the fear to the nation of Israel. Their fear drove them to the point of lying. They said they were see as grasshoppers in the people’s eyes. Is this true? They were spies, they were hiding, the people did not see them. The people did not talk to them. They made this up to justify their fear. What if they had been controlled by God’s Spirit instead of the spirit of fear?

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