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March 8 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

Very tired, worked late and got up early, so late on this devotional. Did not want to ‘bother with it’, but God spoke to me and confirmed some things to me. That is why it is good to be faithful to daily Bible reading.


Numbers 10:1-11:23

Numbers 10:1-28

God gave the Israelites specific directions on how they were to proceed. God gives each of us specific directions on how we are to proceed. Are we being obedient so that He will be with us in our battles?


Numbers 10:33-36

Great proclamations by Moses.


Numbers 11:1-3

God is providing protection, safety, food, etc. yet the people are complaining. We can be the same way. Watch out for the judgment of God.


Numbers 11:4-15

Like my pastor jokes at times, ‘Ministry would be wonderful if you could just get rid of the people’. Ministry can be challenging at times. But we must be faithful to the call of God.

Also, it helps to try and understand people. This be honest, even though God is miraculously providing manna, it would get old after awhile. Instead of complaining the Israelites should have put in a request to Moses for something different. Can we not be thankful for what God has provided, but also let him know our desires?


Numbers 11:16-23

The negativity of the people rubs off on Moses and He starts to question God’s ability to provide. Leaders need to be careful that are not influenced by those they are to lead.

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